How to Tell if Sour Cream is Bad? 5 Warning Signs

How to Tell if Sour Cream is Bad? 5 Warning Signs

How to know and tell if sour cream is bad? Let’s find out!

A full teaspoon of sour or heavy cream is enough to make your food wholesome. Placed down as a topping on pancakes; to the main ingredient in the preparation of varied sauces, Sour creams never disappoint us with their taste.

But the problem will arise when you can’t figure out its condition. Like other food items create us in doubt similarly, the questions also pop up in mind about the appearance and taste of creams.

So today, we have bought a 5-check assurance for you to easily recognize whether your cream is good or bad to consume. So, let’s look at the solutions to the questions disturbing your mind.

Does sour cream go bad?

Does sour cream go bad

Like every other thing, either consumable or not, it also has an expiry or end date. The ‘use before’ or ‘manufacturing date’ is specially mentioned for each item to maintain the required standard. It is also used as a precaution to prevent any harm or illness to your body.

Therefore, Yes. Sour cream or heavy creams also go bland. The period may differ from one another. But it will become stale after a particular time. The difference in their time is due to the amount of fat percentage found in it.

Moreover, the method of pasteurization used is also one of the major criteria to explain its usage either for weeks or months.

How long is sour cream good for?

Sour cream

People also ask for:

“Until when we can use our unopened sour cream packet?”

“Can we still utilize our opened sour cream even after a week or month?”.

Unopened sour cream

You can consume your unopened sour cream within the expiry date mentioned on the back or at the top of your sealed can.

If you have found the old can in your fridge and by any chance, it just god expired 2-3 days ago, then you can use it after tasting a little bit to know whether the taste is okay or not.

The fact is sellers or producing firms usually print the ‘use before’ date a week before its actual expiration date.

So, it’s better to consume it within that week only. Otherwise, throw away the whole can if it is more than a month ago.

Opened sour cream

Whenever you have made your sour cream at home and do not know either to use it again or not.

Then; let me clear that you can consume your homemade cream within a week or until it is fresh. Because of the fact, it is prepared at home.

Maybe you face a slight change in color or a thin layer of liquid on the top. Do not worry; this is natural and due to the moisture in the cream. Be doubt-free to use it.

And if you are using a market purchased can and not know until when to use it. The let us tell you that an opened sour cream needed to be used within 8-10 days.

For both cases, keep one thing in mind not to forget your spoon into a can; or a bowl.

The bacteria react fast to rot your favorite cream.

How to tell if sour cream is bad? 5 signs

How to tell if sour cream is bad

The signs underneath will help you realize the condition of the cream better and tell you either it’s going to worsen or not.

1) Discoloration

The first step to identifying the fault is by looking at its appearance. Similarly, look at your cream. In the event; you feel an extreme change or fading away of actual cream color. Then, understand that your cream is already off for usage.

A bit of discoloration is acceptable in any food item. But a sudden change is an immediate sign for your cream to transform into a waste.

2) Molds or patches

If you find any molds or green-blue layers on your cream. Then, throw it right now. It is no more consumable by you. Now, it is a portion of food for bacteria and enzymes to work on for them. So, better leave it to them and buy yourself a new pack.

3) Weird Smell

Keep in mind that your sour cream will not smell acerbic to you. If so happens subsequently, it is a reminder or a warning for you to consume it as soon as possible.

The sharper the fragrance will rise, the more nasty and weird it will make the food. You will realize it better after having your unpleasant-smelling plate on the table.

4) Lumps

The fresh or stale food can be visible from its appearance.

If you find your sour cream to be hard and want to give it a try as it will work well or not. Furthermore, if your cream will form into lumps rather than the whipped one needed, you should discard it instantly.

Also, it can show the same indications while adding an essence to your cooked food. It will become more of a lump than a thick gravy in your food to mix with.

5) Left uncovered at room temperature

If you have frequently been leaving your sour cream can for too long opened at room temperature without a cover or lid. Then let me tell you that you are developing a favorable condition for the micro-organisms to spoil your eatable.

Manufacturers try their best to make available their goods in fine quality to you for a relatably long time. But when it finally reaches the final user. Now, it is our responsibility to protect or preserve our food from spoilage.

How to store your sour cream for a long time?

Storing sour cream

The simple and easy techniques for safeguarding your cream from damage are:

a) You are advised to place your can or a packet of sour cream into the freezer before opening and after taking off its seal. This will give a high temperature to your cream to remain fresh for longer.

b) Better keep the cream at the back of all the food items in your fridge. It will provide proportionate coolness in the bowl or to the pouch filled with cream.

Moreover, we usually place warm or mild food in front. In this sense, it will also help to maintain a required distance between the different characteristic food items in your refrigerator.

c) If your packet has been cut or slashed inappropriately. At that moment, transfer your heavy cream into an air-tight container to avoid moisture to built-in. Else use a bowl and cover it with a plastic sheet; properly after pouring the cream.

d) Never use a dirty or wet spoon to dig out the cream. Make sure to avail yourself of a completely dry and clean spoon to move the desired quantity out of the can. And don’t dare to leave it right in the container after use. This will provoke an acidic reaction to occur.

e) Not in your life, store a sour cream into the cardboard or paper box. It has a high chance to become soft and then rip off. It will lead your entire cream to go bad and will be left you with no option but to cast it into the trash.

How long does sour cream last after the expiration date?

Expiration date of sour cream

Regardless of being open or not, the sour cream lasts for 3 weeks or around 20 days. After its ‘use before’ date is gone. You can’t use it in the future. Sadly, one of your dearly picked-up items has to be trashed down into the waste.

Though, you still want to give it a last try. So, verify it with the above-mentioned tests to check whether it is edible or not. Don’t use it if the expiry was a month ago. Take only 5-6 days earlier expired cream into consideration for the experiment on your body or food.

Can you eat expired sour cream?


It is strictly advised not to eat expired or stale food. It will result in sort of health issues. They can be from mild to an extreme level.

Food poisoning and gastric suffering are among the utmost problem of all. It can further cause diarrhea, vomit, or irregular fever for days.

Some people are even allergic to the consumption of dairy items, and if they will ingest the same. It will result in redness or rashes to your whole body. Many a time, this infection will even turn into burning down of your skin.

Final words

Our final suggestions to you will begin with not to consume the expired sour cream in any situation. It’s pointless to eat a conked-out item; just to increase your hospital bill. There is no purpose to let your health suffer.

Better follow the disclosed methods or techniques before your sour cream to go bad. We always wish you a happy and healthy life to carry on. For any queries, feel free to ping us in the comment section below. Our health experts are always ready to acknowledge you in the right direction.

So, do you already know how to tell if sour cream is bad? If you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below!

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