What Goes Good with Tequila? 19 Ingredients to Mix

What goes Good with Tequila? 19 Ingredients to Mix

What goes good with tequila? Let’s find out the best 19 combinations!

A party without tequila is like a marriage without love. Just as a celebration without happiness. Sad but true-“In today’s world, our parties decide our reputation to stand among the friends.”

So, If you are planning to throw a party at home and are confused because you never hosted one before. Then; Don’t hesitate to take the help of your beverage friend Tequila. In today’s article, we are going to make you a pro with some exciting tequila recipes.

 Don’t worry about anything, we have everything prepared on a plate for you. Just do as we direct.

What goes Good with Tequila Rose?

What goes Good with Tequila Rose

Rose Tequila is the most loved one among all. It can turn any occasion into the pleasant one. The most unique thing about Rose one is, it is made from dairy crème with a strong essence of strawberry in it. So, without wasting any time, let’s hop on to the 5 best-suited mixes to rose tequila.

1) Tequila Rose Milkshake:

If you are taking it as a normal milkshake. Then, Sorry! Never mistook a milkshake with tequila as an ordinary one. It is the strongest one you will ever have.

For the pink shake, all you need is: Vanilla ice cream and a bottle of tequila rose.

  1. Pour this amusing drink into the blender.
  2. Add 2 scoops of ice cream and blend them until smooth.
  3. Take your precious drink glasses out and transfer your tequila creme milkshake into it.
  4. Put on a final scoop of ice cream on the top. Decorate it with your favorite rainbow sprinkles and enjoy.

2) Tequila Coffee:

Now, It’s time to shock your guests with some pink coffee. Yes, you heard right-‘the pink coffee’. If you have come this way, then why not take one more step forward on this adventurous track. Trust me with the results. The taste will blow your mind and tongue.

The ingredients required are Tequila rose, coffee:

  1. Prepare your best cold coffee with the same process.
  2. Allow your tequila rose to flow into the glass. Keep in mind to fill it in half.
  3. Shift your brewed coffee to complete the other half portion into the glass.
  4. Don’t forget your ice cubes and garnish them with some coffee powder.

Your pink coffee is ready to re-energize the body with new vibrancy.

3) Tequila Cake Shots:

Pretty popular among 18+ are the birthday cake shots. Moving into adulthood is a serious thing for most of us. Oh please! Don’t make fun, It’s all about the eligibility to get drunk. So, let’s fall over a cake shot.

Ingredients: Rose Tequila, cake vodka, sprinkles, strawberry puree.

To make an exact shot-like environment, Bring your shooters out on the counter:

  1. Gush a tablespoon of strawberry-flavored pure into each glass.
  2. Add the proportionate amount of rose tequila and cake vodka.
  3. Mingle them thoroughly. Scatter the cute rainbow sprinkles on top.

Live the moment of the twenties to be remembered forever.

4) Rhubarb Tequila Custard:

If you are a fan of rhubarb pie, then there would not be any second reason to try this one. For the delicious yet smoothing custard, prepare yourself with the following:

Ingredients: Rose tequila, Strawberry jam, Vanilla custard, Rhubarb liquor, strawberry as a lollipop topping.

Tip: The transparent goblets are the best suited to expose your tequila and custard fusion on the table.

  1. Slay your goblet glasses with the First layer of strawberry jam. Add only 2 tablespoons at the bottom.
  2. Build up another layer of vanilla custard scoop over it.
  3. Again, allow two spoons of jam as an intermediary.
  4. Blend the rose tequila and rhubarb liquor well with each other.
  5. Pour it on the top with a strawberry lollipop. Take straw and spoon into the consideration for the rhubarb and custard tequila.

 5) Creme de Rose:

A perfect date night liquor for your loved one. The love is required to make this one and leave the rest to the taste.

Ingredients: Coconut cream, maple syrup, vanilla ice cream, strawberry puree, tequila rose, raw strawberry.

  1. Combine the 3/4th of coconut cream, 1/4 scoop of ice cream, 1part of maple syrup, and 2parts of tequila rose and mix well into the blender.
  2. Decorate well with a pinch of puree and strawberry stick on top.

Ready to serve your Date night special drink to cherish the moments forever.

What can you mix with 1800 tequila?

u mix with 1800 tequila

1) Tequila smash:

It is pretty common when we look on to summer parties. You can make any of your favorites smashes to mix with. I will recommend the watermelon one. This smash is good to go drink for every person’s mood.

Rustle up:

  • The fresh watermelon smashes as you do.
  • Intermix it with 2 parts of tequila and savor your tongue with this thirst-quenching mash.   

2) Sunrise Cocktail:

This orange sunrise is the epitome of revival to uplift any atmosphere. The steps to move forward with the recipe are:

Ingredients: Raw oranges, Soda, Tequila 1800, mint leaves.

  1. Squeeze 2/4th of the jar with these Vitamin C-rich oranges.
  2. Permit 1/4th of the soda to pervade the drink.
  3. Add the 1800 tequila to complete the refreshment.
  4. Top with some mint leaves to give the texture.

Drink up and feel the enthusiasm in the air!

3) Jalapeno Tequila:

This Mexican drink is for the gutsy ones. The Tequila Jalapeno infusion is as hot and serious as fire. Give it a shot once in a lifetime. The composition is very easy to formulate.

Disclaimer: This process will require a minimum of 10-12 hours to adapt to the perfect sip of heaven.)

Ingredients: 2-3 raw jalapenos, a bottle of tequila 1800.

  1. Slice the fine cuttings of jalapeno pepper into the bowl.
  2. Soak it into a 750ml bottle of tequila 1800. Recall to seal it with the cap again.
  3. Let it sit overnight at room temperature.

Experience your spiciest drink with some grilled hams to boost your mental stamina!

4) Paloma Tequila Juice:

The very extract of the Paloma cocktail is grapefruit. The tincture of tequila is bracing the supremacy of the mentioned beverage.

Ingredients: Club soda, grapefruit liquor, Raw grapefruit, Tequila 1800, Lime juice.

  1. Empty down 2/4th bottle of tequila and grapefruit liquor in equal portions.
  2. Add 1/2 parts of lime juice and club soda to it.
  3. Stick the grapefruit on top to finish the final look and enjoy!

5) Coconut Water:

The fan of coconut drinks can be found anywhere. No doubt to the tempting impression of coconut that can even make any ordinary one sound boom. Therefore, the best recipe is coming next:

Ingredients: Coconut water, fresh lemons, sliced jalapeno, tequila.

  1. Squash 3 lemons into the jar. Ample the amount of coconut water to load half of the jar.
  2. Fill the remaining ml’s with tequila 1800.
  3. Discharge the mixture into the jar.
  4. Slide a thinly sliced jalapeno pepper for taste and Take the pleasure.

The Best Thing to Mix with Patron Tequila?

The Best Thing to Mix with Patron Tequila

1) Pomegranate tequila cocktail: 

Unquestionably, the love for top-notch magical drinks is incomparable among people. And when it comes to our good health companion, there is no distrust left to confuse oneself.

Ingredients: Lime, 4-5 Pomegranates, Orange liquor, Tequila.

  1. Make a juice using 4-5pieces of ripped pomegranates. You can also use the packed pomegranate juice instead.
  2. Fill 2/5th of the carafe with patron tequila.
  3. Spew one cap of squeezed lime along with 1/5th orange liquor and 2/5th of pomegranate juice.
  4. Garnish with some mint and treat your guests.

2) Bloody Mary: 

Popular as bloody Caesar, it is known as Canada’s National drink. It combines a flawless union of tomato juice with some liquor to lighten up your tiring day. It is tangy and peppery at the same time.

Ingredients: Tomato juice, black pepper, lemon juice, celery or onion salt, hot sauce, bell pepper, patron tequila.

  1. Put in the tomato juice and tequila to the ratio of 2:2 into a 500ml container.
  2. Squeeze 2-3 fresh lemons. Dust the celery salt and black pepper according to taste.
  3. Stir a spoonful of hot sauce to flavor the drink.
  4. Adorn your Bloody Mary cocktail with some bell or sweet pepper slice on top.

3) Tequila Sour Mix: 

Who will not enjoy a creamy form over a chilled sweet-sour drink? Not only whiskeys, Tequila indeed is the best option to crack with some good mixes. The forthcoming is one of them.

Ingredients: Patron Tequila, egg white, lime juice, simple syrup, aromatic bitters.

  1. After merging the 3ounces of patron tequila with 2 ounces of lime juice. Boost it with a pinch of aromatic bitter and simple syrup.
  2. Settle the whisked egg white on top with some berries.

4) Spanish Harlem Tequila aka Tequila Manhattan: 

This royal-looking tequila is worth appraising as an illustrious one. The simple 3 ingredient recipe is simple and appealing to consume.

Ingredients: Tequila, sweet vermouth, bitter.

  1. Pour 1/4th of the sweet vermouth wine into a glass.
  2. Load the 3/4th part with patron tequila.
  3. Dribble 6-8 drops of bitter to satisfy your taste buds.
  4. Slurp the royalty in your style!

5) Blue Agave Margarita: 

Not a single glass of this creative and groundbreaking drink is left when served on the tables. It will exhilarate each individual to feel new.

Ingredients: Blue Curacao syrup, Lime juice, crushed ice, simple agave syrup, lemon wheel, patron tequila.

  1. Collect all the jam into a flask in a proportionate amount.
  2. 2 ounces of patron tequila and Blue agave syrup each.
  3. 1/2 ounce of lime juice and simple agave syrup separately.
  4. Crushed ice to quick-freeze and lemon wheel to decorate.

What goes Good with Gold Tequila?

What goes Good with Gold Tequila

1) Island Iced Tea: 

To the drink admirers, Island tea is all in one package for them. It contains the spirits of rum, vodka, cola, gin, and tequila in sole glass to sling.

Ingredients: Vodka, gold tequila, white rum, Gin triple sec, Cola, lime juice, and a wheel.

  1. Jumble all the elements in a uniform percentage of 50 is to 50.
  2. Don’t neglect the ice cubes to float on the top.

Live the beach moment, either on the island or at home!

2) Aloe Tequila: 

The interesting myth about Tequila is that it is obtained from agave which is also a constituent of an aloe plant. But the denial lies because of the scientific fact-As agave and aloe look similar but have different origins and lifecycles. So, to bring this one into existence. The recipe needs:

Ingredients: An Edible Aloe leaf, Vodka, sugar.

  1. Blend a healthy aloe leaf with the sugar into the mixer.
  2. Drain the juice into the beaker and fill it in half.
  3. Spill the remaining container with the vodka and stir well.

3) Tequila $ Tonic: 

This bubbly and frizzy one will blow up the bubbles into your stomach. Just Joking!

Ingredients: Lime, Water tonic, gold tequila.

  1. Spilled the water tonic and tequila into equal halves.
  2. Add a cap of lime juice to it.

Rejoice in your inspiriting Tequila Tonic.

4) Lemonade Tequila: 

We have used a pinch of lemon in every drink to intensify its tang. Then how can we ignore its zeal as a chief ingredient?

Essentials: Lemonade juice, ginger ale, tequila gold, fresh lemons.

  1. Add 5ml of ginger ale into a solution of lime juice and gold tequila.
  2. Splash with a tablespoon of squeezed lemon.
  3. Garnish with ice and mint leaves to make a merry celebration.

It’s done! Enjoy your drink!

Final Words

I hope you have become an expert already so far. All set for the compliments to approach your destination and make it remembered till the end.

Do not forget to share your reviews with us. Feel free to ping us for more exciting recipes. Good luck with your celebration reunion!

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What goes Good with Tequila? 19 Ingredients to Mix

What goes Good with Tequila? 19 Ingredients to Mix

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Prep Time 5 mins
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  • Tequila Rose Milkshake
  • Tequila Coffee
  • Tequila Cake Shots
  • Rhubarb Tequila Custard
  • Creme de Rose
  • Tequila smash
  • Sunrise Cocktail
  • Jalapeno Tequila
  • Paloma Tequila Juice
  • Coconut Water
  • Pomegranate tequila cocktail
  • Bloody Mary
  • Tequila Sour Mix
  • Spanish Harlem Tequila aka Tequila Manhattan
  • Blue Agave Margarita
  • Island Iced Tea
  • Aloe Tequila
  • Tequila $ Tonic
  • Lemonade Tequila


Lemonade Tequila:

  • Add 5ml of ginger ale into a solution of lime juice and gold tequila.
  • Splash with a tablespoon of squeezed lemon.
  • Garnish with ice and mint leaves to make a merry celebration.
  • It's done! Enjoy your drink!
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