How Long to Cook Prime Rib at 250 Degrees? Great Recipe

How Long to Cook Prime Rib at 250 Degrees? Great Recipe

Do you want to know the perfect recipe to cook prime rib at 250 degrees and the perfect cooking time per pound chart? Just continue reading below!

Who doesn’t love to have rib? As it is the most favorite cut of beef, it is known as the king of roast in many parts of the world. It is usually prepared on some special occasion’s as many consider it a special occasions roast.

Also, this part of the beef is actually quite expensive and for a better flavor, it is suggested that you age it well. Aging is very important if you want your ribs to give you an extra hit of flavor and that amazing buttery texture the recommended time for aging them well is few days and if you are thinking of aging the beef in a refrigerator then it is advised you keep it in there for 3 days or more.

The Ribs consist of 6-12 sets of ribs. You may not know about the fact that the ribs from 6 to 9 are a little fattier these are called the large end ribs and like large end ribs, there are smaller end ribs too. These ribs are usually from 9 to 12 and these are the ribs that have rib eye muscles in them.

Prime Rib cooking time per pound chart

Prime Rib cooking time per pound chart

If you have been reading my recipes you will know very well how much I emphasize the thermometer and again for this, you will need a thermometer again.

The chart which I am about to share with you will solely rely on the meat thermometer remember don’t use the instant-read thermometer because they won’t work in this case. Because they are they cannot stay inside the roast while it is in the process of cooking.

This chart shows the time of cooking prime rib per pound this will work if the internal temperature of it reaches 120 F degrees.

WeightCooking Time
1 Rib weighing around 2 to 2.5 pounds20 to 25 minutes
2 Ribs weighing 4-5 ponds60 to 70 minutes
3 Ribs weighing 7 to 8.5 pounds1:00h to 1:30h
4 Ribs weighing 9 -10 pounds1:15h to 2:10h
5 Ribs weighing 11 -15 pounds2:00h to 2.30h
6 Ribs weighing 15 -16 pounds2:30h to 3:00h
7 Ribs weighing 16 pounds3:00h to 4:00h

What is the best temperature to cook prime rib?

The best temperature to cook prime ribs is 250 Degrees. So is it safe to cook ribs at this temperature? Will it incubate any bacteria?

The answer to your question is yes it is totally safe to cook ribs at 250 Degree because as soon as the meat achieve 160 degrees all the bacteria is killed at that temperature.

How long it takes to cook prime rib at 250 Degrees?

Well, this depends on the weight of the rib. You can cook it for about 25 mins per pound, so this means if you are cooking 2 ribs weighing around 4 pounds then it should take about 1 hour and 40 mins approx.

You can always check it 30 mins before the estimated time. If you want it medium rare you can check the temperature if it reaches 130 degrees then you would know it’s cooked medium-rare.

How Long to Cook Prime Rib at 250 Degrees? Great Recipe

Prime Rib recipe at 250 degrees

You would be literally surprised to read the recipe, why? Because it has just 3 ingredients in it as you already know I make sure to give you guys the easiest yet delicious and mouthwatering recipes even a kid can make it but the taste that you will get out of it is going to be absolutely mind-blowing. So without further ado let’s just get into it.
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Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 4 hrs
Resting Time 30 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 2 People


  • Standing Prime Rib 
  • Kosher Salt
  • Freshly Ground black pepper 


  • Season the Rib with a good amount of salt and black pepper.
  • Preheat the oven to 250 F. put the roast in a large roasting pan on a V-rack set or if you don’t have V-rack you can use a wire rack set in a rimmed baking sheet. 
  • Put the roast in the oven and cook it for about 3 to 4 hours. 


  • Cook the center of the roast to 120 to 125 F degrees if you want it rare.
  • For medium-rare the temperature should be 130 F
  • For Medium to Medium-well temperature should be 135 F. 
  • Remove the roast from the oven and wrap it in the aluminum foil and let it sit in a warm place in the kitchen for about 30 mins.
  • Now Pre Heat the oven at maximum temperature and when you are about to serve it put it back in the oven for 6-7 mins. It will give it a brown crispy outer layer.
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Prime rib how many minutes per pound should cook?

Prime rib cooking temperature

That depends on the temperature if you are cooking it at 250 Degree then roasting the beef for 25 mins per pound would be enough. You can check the temperature of the Roast in between or maybe 30 mins before when it is about to get cooked to make sure how exactly you want your roast.

Can I cook frozen Prime rib at 250?

If you are looking to impress your friends or family than there is nothing best than a Prime rib Roast, so as you plan to make it and realize that the rib is frozen now what?

Well the simple solution is to take out that rib from freezer and place in fridge and let it thaw. And now you can cook it on any temperature weather its 250 F or 450 F.  

Tips for better recipe

The Prime rib roast recipe is ideal for family dinners and can be cooked on special occasions like Christmas or birthdays etc. as I already told you the straightforward recipe of Prime Rib just like the recipe there are some simple tips as well and if you keep those in mind you can master the art of making prime ribs.

1) Use aged prime rib

If you are planning to make Prime rib make sure you use the aged one or if don’t have an aged one try keeping it for some time and let it age well.

This little tip will make your Prime rib taste so good just like the one you get to taste from a fancy restaurant. 

2) The perfect crust

If you like your Prime rib crust brown and cooked perfectly this little trick will help you out a lot when the cooking is done on medium-high flame take it out of the oven and place it there uncovered and let it cool this will air-dry the crust and then when your dinner is about to start preheat the oven to maximum and then put that roast in it for about 5-6 mins and that’s it take it out and serve you will have one amazing Prime Rib roast with incredible crust. 

3) The perfect taste

Whenever you go to but Prime Rib makes sure you get the one with a layer of fat on it. So when you will cook your Prime Rib this fat will melt and ribs will be cooked in their own fat and they will taste amazing too. 

4) Use a thermometer

Use of a thermometer, again and again, I say this thermometer is really important if you want to cook your food exactly how you tasted in your favorite restaurant.

So, do you already know how long does it take to cook prime rib at 250 degrees? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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