What Sauce to Serve With Spinach Ravioli? 4 Delicious Recipes!

What Sauce to Serve With Spinach Ravioli? 4 Delicious Recipes!

Let’s see what sauce to serve with Spinach Ravioli?

Spinach ravioli is traditionally an Italian dish. It is a great hit among all families and is usually reserved for celebrations or special occasions. 

Ravioli is just another variation of Italian pasta. Rivoli is a special form of pasta made with whole wheat and used to wrap the delicious filling made of spinach, ricotta, and many other things. 

It’s a pure delicacy that you can customize with lots of different fillings. Spinach filling is both traditional and healthy. 

Whether you are making ravioli from scratch or have bought frozen ones, the sauce is an important part of ravioli pasta.

Spinach ravioli is served with different types of sauces. The sauce makes an important part of the dish. Spinach-packed ravioli dipped in your favorite sauce is something you cant take your hands off. 

Pasta served as a parcel packing load of flavor from spinach and cheese; spinach ravioli is a popular dish that is not only traditional but tastes amazing. It’s fulfilling and very versatile as well. Ravioli spinach is best served and enjoyed with sauce.

What Sauce to Serve With Spinach Ravioli?

What Sauce to Serve With Spinach Ravioli

Here are a few sauces that you can make with spinach ravioli. Let’s see the 4 best alternatives for you!

1) Truffle Butter Sauce

Truffle Butter Sauce
Truffle Butter Sauce

Truffle butter sauce provides a delicious base to your spinach ravioli. Truffles are rich in flavor and known for their umami taste and aroma. It has a distinct taste that blends with spinach-filled ravioli and enhances its flavor. The addition of butter gives a creamy texture to your sauce and makes it rich.

Serve your spinach ravioli with a generous amount of Truffle sauce.

You need only butter, a few drops of oil to prevent the butter from burning, salt, and truffles.

If black truffles are expensive, you can make do with truffle oil or truffle paste.

Clean and grate truffle into smaller pieces. Mix butter, truffle, and salt. You can use a food processor to blend the ingredients finely. It should be creamy and thick.

Before serving with ravioli, melt the butter in a pan. It melts and becomes of running consistency. Add the sauce to your pasta and mix it well. 

The buttery sauce gives a gloss and aroma to spinach ravioli. The blend of pasta, butter, spinach, and cream melts in the mouth and complements each other.

You can freezer the remaining butter and truffle in the freezer and use it for

2) Butter and Sage Sauce

Butter and Sage Sauce

This is a rich buttery sauce with sage paired with spinach ravioli. The sauce is easy to make, and if you already have made ravioli, it takes no more than 15 minutes to get your dish ready. 

Sage has an earthy, slightly pepper-like flavor, and it blends with the butter well. You can make it a white butter sauce or give it a twist and make a classic brown butter sauce with sage.

The sauce is made by heating the unsalted butter. If you want the brown sauce, you have to cook the butter until it’s light brown. Pay attention and don’t let it burn, as, at this stage, overcooking can ruin the butter flavor.

Add a clove of crushed garlic and freshly chopped sage leave in the butter. Season it with little salt and pepper.

Brown butter has a nutty flavor that is classically paired with ravioli pasta. Serve it with spinach ravioli and enjoy.

3) Creamy Tomato Sauce

Creamy Tomato Sauce
Creamy Tomato Sauce

It’s a rich combination of tomato puree, cream with some herb, and seasoning. The red-colored sauce looks beautiful on the table and complements the spinach ravioli.

You can use tomato puree, make puree at home with lots of fresh tomatoes, or a twist can be to use some sun-dried tomatoes in the sauce.

You can Sautee some chopped onions and garlic in oil. Add the tomato puree to the oil with some Italian herbs like basil and thyme. Mix it well. Season it with black pepper and salt. Add cream when it’s almost done. Mix it well and remove it from the stove. 

Pour it over ravioli and top the plate with lots of parmesan cheese. It’s a delicious combination with lots of flavors and bright color.

4) Spinach Ravioli with Pesto Sauce

Spinach Ravioli with Pesto Sauce
Spinach Ravioli with Pesto Sauce

This is another excellent way to serve spinach ravioli. The pesto sauce is nutty and full of flavor. The rich green color of the sauce makes your ravioli very presentable. It’s a quick recipe and needs only ten minutes to be ready.

Store-bought pesto sauce can be expensive. You can easily make pesto sauce at home and customize it as much as you like to suit your recipe. What you need is basil leaves with lots of pine nuts. 

If pine nuts are too expensive for you, use any other nuts of your choice, like almond or cashew nuts. Put everything in a food processor and mix it well.

When adding the sauce with ravioli, you may want to loosen up the sauce a bit, so it spreads on ravioli evenly. You can take some water while cooking pasta to make the pesto sauce of your required consistency.

Once you have pesto sauce ready, you can store it in the fridge. Next time you make pasta, use the same pesto sauce over it and load the pasta with lots of parmesan, and you are ready to go.

Can I do my own sauce?


You can most certainly use your sauce. While I have nothing against the store-bought sauces but they can be expensive. Whether it’s tomato sauce, pesto sauce, butter and sage sauce, or truffle sauce. 

You can make these sauces at home right from scratch with some basic ingredients. These sauces are easy to make, and most of them do not take more than fifteen minutes to get ready. 

There is nothing like the fresh sauce that you have made at home. You can customize the sauce the way you like adding or deducting ingredients.

Final Words

Spinach ravioli is a classic recipe that you can serve with any sauce of your choice.

The basic spinach ravioli recipe remains the same, and you can make a creamy, buttery, tangy, and colorful sauces with it. You can give a completely new look and taste to this traditional recipe by changing the sauce.

So, do you already know how to make your own sauce for Spinach Ravioli? Please, feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!

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What Sauce to Serve With Spinach Ravioli? 4 Delicious Recipes!

What Sauce to Serve With Spinach Ravioli?

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  • Truffle Butter Sauce
  • Butter and Sage Sauce
  • Creamy Tomato Sauce
  • Spinach Ravioli with Pesto Sauce


  • Prepare the Spinach Ravioli.
  • Prepare your sauce.
  • Enjoy your meal!
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