How to Cook Frozen Potstickers Faster? The Best Way!

How to Cook Frozen Potstickers Faster? The Best Way!

Do you want to know the best way to cook frozen frozen potstickers faster? I will teach you 3 simple, quick and practical ways to have your potstickers ready in a few minutes. Besides, I’ll show you how you can improve your recipe with just a few tips.

Frozen foods have made cooking easier. Potstickers are a kind of dumplings filled with pork and vegetables or chicken and vegetables. They are easy to prepare using your regular kitchen appliances. Make your potstickers the best way you like by following our amazing recipes.

Don’t waste any more time, see below everything you need to know to have a delicious recipe!

Can I cook frozen potstickers?

Frozen potstickers

Potstickers originated many years ago as a Chinese dish. The lore holds it that a lady who was cooking dumplings was carried away until all the water in the pot dried resulting in the dumplings sticking on the bottom. 

She served her guests anyway with it and they loved the delicious dumpling with a crisp exterior.

Today, like most foods, potstickers are sold in bulk at stores and You can cook frozen potstickers by either steaming the dumpling or pan-frying. You can also make the dumplings yourself, store them by freezing and cook later when you want.

Special care when cooking frozen potstickers

Cooking frozen potstickers

There are two phases when you chose to pan-fry your potstickers. Take care when cooking potstickers especially during the second pan-fry phase.

First, you must ensure that your potstickers do not touch each other in the pan throughout the process and also watch closely to ensure that they do not get burn at the second frying phase (more on that below).

Amazing recipe how to cook frozen potstickers (the best way)

The best way: how to cook frozen potstickers

You can either choose to steam your potstickers or pan fry them. Either way, you will have delicious potstickers to enjoy with your family friends, or alone when you follow this amazing recipe. 

Depending on where you buy your potstickers and the quantity of the package, you will always see the size of water to add when steaming or frying. If you make your potstickers yourself, you can also follow our guide to cooking the best potstickers.

How to Cook Frozen Potstickers Faster? The Best Way!

How to Cook Frozen Potstickers (steam)

Steaming your potstickers is very easy and simple. You don’t require any special appliance save your pot, water, and stove. The process of steaming frozen potstickers is that straightforward and short. The result is juicy potstickers with a tender and soft texture. 
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Cook Time 15 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 4 People


  • Potstickers


  • Boil water in a pot
  • Use a bamboo steamer to place the potsticker in the pot individually.
  • Line the potstickers with leaves or parchment paper To avoid the frozen dumplings from sticking to the bamboo. 
  • To ensure even steaming, Perforate the parchment to allow steam to circulate around the potstickers.
  • Steam the potstickers for 10 – 15 miuntes. Uncover and serve!
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How to pan frozen potstickers

Let’s face it. These dumplings are called potstickers for a reason. Many of us are only familiar with potstickers with the Crisp exterior made by pan-frying which is a more popular way of making potstickers. Remember how potstickers originated.

The steps involved include:

  1. Add a little oil to a hot pan
  2. Throw in as many potstickers as your pan can contain but ensure that the potstickers don’t touch.
  3. Next, add water to the pan (¾ cup of water for a medium size pan) to steam and cook inside the potstickers. The quantity of water to add will depend on your pan size. If you bought your dumplings from a store, check the bag for more information on the quantity of water you should use. 
  4. Set your burner to medium burn and allow the water to boil slightly for a minute.
  5. Cover your pan to let your meal cook for about 10 minutes until the water is evaporated.

Now is the crucial part. This is where the magic happens and where most persons may miss it. 

  1. When all the water in the pan is gone, remove the pan cover and allow the dumplings to cook for another minute without touching the potstickers. You will notice that your potstickers will change to golden brown on the bottom. Watch closely as you want to be careful not to let them burn.
  2. After this, remove from the pan and serve!

Microwave option

Microwave potstickers

There is also an option to fry your potsticker in a pan after you microwave first. You can also do this if you choose. The steps involved are: 

  1. Add water to a microwave-safe bowl with the dumplings, cover the bowl, and slide into the microwave.
  2. After 4 minutes, prepare your pan (heat and add oil) to fry the potstickers. 
  3. Follow the rest of the pan fry procedure above.

How to reheat potstickers

Potstickers are very filling and you may not always finish the dumplings when you make them yourself or buy them from the store. When you make potstickers from scratch, you can store the fresh dumplings for a long time by freezing them for up to 2 months. 

Note that you must freeze potstickers individually to avoid freezer burn. You don’t want to face any challenges when you are ready to reheat and enjoy your dumplings again. 

Store properly. Frozen potstickers can last fresh for up to two months while retaining the fresh taste of pork and vegetables, or chicken and vegetables. 

How to store frozen potstickers

For proper storage, store your potstickers on a large plate using a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. To prevent the potstickers from sticking to the plate, ensure that the plate is dusted with corn starch or little flour.

Next, place the batch in the freezer until it has frozen. When frozen, transfer the batch to an air-tight bag, remove the air, seal, and store. You can store your dumplings for up to three months with this method ready to reheat (steam or pan fry) whenever you like following any of our recipes. 

Final tips

Frying your potstickers in a pan takes longer than the steaming method but the crisp golden-brown exterior is totally worth the extra time. For many persons, it improves the dumpling’s taste and elevates the eating experience.

We hope you’ve learned a few tips to improve your potstickers. Now go make some magic!

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