How to Make French Toast Without Eggs? Great Recipe!

How Make French Toast Without Eggs? Great Recipe!

Do you know how to make French toast without eggs? I’ll show you the best recipe in the world and the best egg substitute for this recipe!

There won’t be any person who doesn’t know what French toast is. It is the most amazing thing ever created, who could have thought that bread, milk, egg, and sugar combined together can turn into this delicious, soft, and sweet universal dish.

Back in the day, the Romans used to make French toast by soaking the bread in milk and egg mixture and then frying it in butter. The French toasts were called Pan Dulcis in the early ages. What was the idea behind it?

Well, there was just a simple idea behind it. People in ancient times had to feed their families with the little they used to have. Medieval European chefs had this idea that they can reuse a day-old bread by adding some moisture in it and then heating it. So that’s how they came up with the idea of combining bread, milk, eggs, and sugar and make this amazing thing which we all know today by the name of French toast.

Can you make French toast without eggs?

How to Make French Toast Without Eggs

The original recipe does include eggs but don’t worry about that, everything is possible in today’s world!

Modern problems requires modern solutions so as we got to know that eggs are not everyone’s favorite there could be many reasons for that. Some doesn’t like eggs generally and some people are allergic to it.

Therefore, people came up with the idea of eliminating eggs from this astounding dish, so that everyone can enjoy French toast.

You don’t have to worry about finding out what ingredients you need to fill up the gap which eggs have left because I got you!

What is the best egg substitute for French toast?


We have all been used to making the French toast with the conventional method and that is using eggs in it but if you are hypersensitive to eggs, ran out of them or you have picky toddlers in the house then this conventional method of cooking French toast is unacceptable.

So we have to find a substitute for the eggs and guess what? Like always, I have made sure you don’t need to do hectic research, hop from one page to another or just try it out by yourself until you get it right.

I have done that all on behalf of you so you don’t have to go through all of this. What I came to know after all this is the best substitute for eggs in French toast is cornstarch. Yes cornstarch!

Ever thought that this common kitchen-hold item can replace the irreplaceable egg in the French toast? And to my surprise, the taste is no different than that of the one with the eggs in it. You just can’t easily tell the difference in taste that which French toast has eggs or which one has no eggs.

Recipe: French toast eggless

There are many ways of cooking French toast, with just a minor change you can completely change the taste and feel of the ages-old French toast which we used to eat in our childhood. So its better we stick to the original one.

A good French toast can make your morning way much better. They are quick and easy to make and they can be made in under 30 mins.

You might be wondering how your French toast look or taste like without eggs but let me tell you that they will be as soft and fluffy from the inside and crispy from the outside as they would be with the eggs in it. So you don’t have to worry about that.

How Make French Toast Without Eggs? Great Recipe!

French Toast Without Eggs

For the ingredients, we will be needing these common items which are always there in the fridge but we never care about them. But now these are the only things which we will be using to make the most mouthwatering French toasts that one could have and that too without the eggs.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Course Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 4 People


  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Cornstarch
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla extract 
  • Cinnamon
  • Butter


  • Take Custard powder, milk, vanilla extract, sugar and cinnamon powder add all this stuff in a bowl and whisk it well. 
  • Take a skillet and put it over the stove and turn the flame medium-high flame.
  • Put butter in it and melt it. 
  • Take the bread slices dip them in the milk mixture from both sides.
  • Now put them in the skillet and fry the bread until both sides are golden brown. 
  • Note: Do not dip the bread in the mixture for very long if you do so it will make it soggy just a few seconds in batter would be more than enough.



  • Bread, For bread, I would suggest using brioche or challah or any other bread which do not have eggs in it because if use any store-bought bride it would just wipe off the purpose of making French toast without eggs, so If we are going for a complete eggless French toast then our bread should be eggless too. Let me quickly tell you few names of some bread which do not have eggs in it sourdough, challah, brioche, and stale-sandwich bread these are some loaves of bread you can use. Oh and there’s one more thing about bread that is its thickness. For a French toast, the average thickness of bread should be ½ inch thick or you can even use ¾ inch thickness bread too.
  • Cornstarch is going to be the substitute for eggs, you can also custard powder because custard powder itself is cornstarch with food color and vanilla flavor. I would suggest you use custard powder because it will give the exact same feel as the batter with eggs in it. Also, the sugar and custard powder will give the crust a nice feel.
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Is this recipe Vegetarian?

If you want to make it a vegan recipe you can just simply exchange butter with vegan butter and for the milk you can use plant –based milk.

This is the best option if you are a vegan or vegetarian, just make sure to don’t use a plane–based milk with a strong flavor.

Is the eggless French toast still good?

Of course, they are, no one can tell the difference between the eggless French toast and the ones that have eggs in it.

You can try it by yourself and then find out if you can get a hint of which one is the eggless French toast. The French toast made with this recipe will give your taste buds an amazing experience like they never had before.

Tips and Tricks

There are not any specific tips or tricks for making these simple, delicious eggless French toast, still, there are some things that you can keep in mind whenever making these delights. 

  1. Avoid dipping the bread in the milk mixture for a longer period of time as it will make the bread soggy. Just dip it for few seconds on both sides and you are done;
  2. It is really important that you stir the mixture before dipping the bread in the mixture because the cornstarch settles down if not stirred occasionally;
  3. Use a wipe every time you take a slice off the skillet and always put the flame on medium or else it will burn the butter and French toast won’t taste as good as it should be.
  4. If you are a fan of cinnamon, just pour a little on top after making your French toasts. Trust me, you aren’t going to want to eat them again without cinnamon.

So, what didi you think about our delicious recipe? If you still have any questions about the ingredients and preparation, feel free to leave your comment below!

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