9 Best Rice for Sushi: What Rice to Use for Sushi?

9 Best Rice for Sushi: What Rice to Use for Sushi?

Today I will reveal to you what is the best rice for sushi. I will talk about the brands and about the short and long grain rice.

It is always a fun experience when trying to make this Japanese-famous dish. Even though the process is a bit tricky, once you master it, you will be good to go. However, before you start making it, it is essential to have the right ingredients, and the top priority, in this case, is the correct type of rice.

You cannot make sushi with the usual rice at home. This article highlights the nine different types of rice that you can use when making it. Continue reading to know the kind of rice you require.

What type of rice is sushi rice?

What Type of Rice is sushi rice

Rice is one of the essential ingredients you require when making sushi. Making sushi may not be easy, but you can make the process worthwhile by ensuring you use the correct type of rice. Since sushi emanates from Japan, there is a particular type of rice that the chefs incorporate when cooking it. 

The main types of rice available are:

  • Short-grain;
  • Medium-grain;
  • And long-grain.

The rice used to make sushi is sushi rice that usually comes from short-grain Japanese rice. As the name suggests, the grains in this rice are short.

Also, this sushi rice is usually sticky. This feature makes it easy to stick to the ingredients making the sushi.

While short-grain rice is recommended when making sushi, there is no harm in using medium-grain rice. However, you will notice some differences in how the sushi turns out, so better stick to short grain.

The case is the same when you use the regular rice at home. If you use that to make sushi, you will notice a change in taste. Also, the regular one tends to be too soft and may not allow the ingredients in the sushi to stick well.

Most Japanese cuisines use long-grain rice, but they do not use it in making sushi. This type lacks enough starch, which is an essential element to stick together. If you have short-grain and medium-grain rice, you can mix them.

The short-grain rice is seasoned with sugar and salt when making the sushi rice. Rice vinegar and the famous Japanese kombu are also mixed with it. When with these seasonings, you can call it sushi rice, but if it lacks, you can even use the short-grain rice to make plain rice.

Are there any best sushi rice brands?

Sushi rice brands

Selecting the best rice for your sushi is hard, especially if you want to make it from home. Either way, you always aim to end up with only the best quality, shape, texture, and flavor. Having a good brand for your sushi rice will make your cooking easy, and also the taste will turn out great.

There are tons of great brands that produce rice suitable for making sushi. Most of these brands are from Japanese companies, of course; they are the pros of making sushi. Once you have the best sushi rice, the only thing remaining is to follow the best recipes available and make the best sushi.

When you try to make your sushi at home, the taste may be different by far from what you take at restaurants. The main thing that may cause this is, of course, the brand you use. You require high-quality rice to get this, and you aim for the best brand.

The texture of the rice will determine how well the sushi will turn out. But also, once you get the best rice brand, there are some things you need to do to make it the perfect sushi rice.

Such include adding more seasoning, such as vinegar in the rice; otherwise, you do not just make it with pure plain rice.

What Rice to Use for Sushi? 9 Best Rice in the market for delicious sushi!

9 Best Rice for Sushi: What Rice to Use for Sushi?

Of course, the best rice to use for sushi should be short-grain, and in some cases, you can use medium-grain or mix them. But what brand precisely should you go for? Here are the nine best brands of rice you should consider:

1) Tamanishiki


Probably you have heard about this rice brand, especially if you love sushi. Well, it beats all odds and makes it to the top as one of the best rice you can ever use when making sushi. Its quality is top-notch and features short grains, therefore perfect for this.

To make up for the quality of this rice, it is usually a mixture of Koshihikari and Yumegokichi, both from California. This rice makes the best rolls since it clumps well together, nigirizushi, and much more. To top it all off, it has no preservatives or inorganic fertilizers, making it super healthy for eating.

You can buy in Walmart, for example.

2) Tamaki


This rice from the Tamaki corporation is also among the best sushi rice brands. Its quality is high, with a  great texture that translates to an outstanding taste once you make the sushi. It combines modern milling and traditional farming technologies when making it, which explains its flavor.

Koshihikari paddies are involved in coming up with this high-quality rice. Its texture and consistency are fine and will help you make great sushi. Also, once you cook it, you will not lose its flavor.

3) Riceselect


Riceselect is also a fantastic rice brand for sushi, and it has all the qualities it takes to make sushi.

Thanks to its incredibly soft and sticky texture, it features super-high quality sushi. Primarily, you always require rice that will easily stick together when making sushi, and this rice is precisely one of those. 

It makes your work easier when making sushi and gives you the best sushi, just like those at restaurants.

For the flavor, it is pretty sweet, therefore perfect for sushi and even for making rice puddings. It uses minimal fats and has no cholesterol or other preservatives that might harm you when making it. It Is also great if you are on a diet.

4) Nishiki Premium Sushi Rice

Nishiki Premium Sushi Rice
Nishiki Premium Sushi Rice

This rice is medium-grain, but you can still use it when making sushi. The texture and flavor of this rice are perfect for tasty sushi.

The milling of this rice involves some advanced technology that involves the separation of tapioca from the rice. When making it also, it usually has a liquid brine that is then rinsed, making it ready for sushi.

Nishiki premium rice is more popular with professional chefs who make sushi, but there is no harm in using it to make yours at home.

It is pretty sticky, ensuring that your sushi stays well-put and makes it easy for you when preparing it. The flavor for the rise is pretty mild, but this should not give you a reason to doubt how good it is when making sushi.

5) Yuki Tsubaki

Yuki Tsubaki
Yuki Tsubaki

The quality of Yuki Tsubaki makes it come to the top out of other sushi rice brands.

This rice is unique in its way since it features ultra-premium short grains. On top of this, it has a super soft and thick-sticky texture making it ideal for making sushi. You do not need so much effort when putting it together.

6) Natural Earth Sushi Rice

Natural Earth Sushi Rice
Natural Earth Sushi Rice

This brand assures you that you will get excellent quality sushi using minimal effort. If you are a beginner in sushi making, then this is the brand you should choose. It is straightforward to make good sushi, so ideal If you are trying out.

7) Lundberg


If you are looking for organic sushi rice, then you found one. It is worth trying, especially if you are a vegan and also since it is gluten-free, which is a feature certified by USDA.

Its quality is almost similar to other short-grain rice brands. It is also pretty soft and sticky.

You can check here the Lundberg website.

8) Annie Chun’s

Annie Chun’s
Annie Chun’s

Of course, the list will not be complete if you fail to include Annie Chun’s sticky sushi rice. This rice stands out due to how convenient it is, and also it makes your cooking easy. Further, you can make it in the microwave, and it will still turn out pretty great.

9) Kokuho Medium-grain Sushi rice

Kokuho Medium-grain Sushi rice
Kokuho Medium-grain Sushi rice

It is top-quality sushi rice that grows under certain conditions to ensure consistency in the quality. It is medium-grain but will still be perfect for making sushi. Preparing it is pretty easy, and it will take you about 15 minutes.

The rice has a specific thick texture, which stands out among many sushi rice brands available. Therefore, it features a soft and rich flavor, a favorite for many sushi lovers.

What is Sushi Rice called?

Sushi Rice

Sushi rice will come as either short-grain or medium-grain, which is what popularly makes it. Another feature of sushi rice is that it is pretty sticky, soft, and has a specific flavor. Typically, the prominent flavor it will contain is rice vinegar, and some will be sweet since you add sugar.

When all these things come together, they make what you call sushi rice.

In some places, they will call it the Japanese rice or Japonica rice, referring to where it comes from. In the united states, one buy’s it as Cal Rose rice, and it will still contain the same features. Also, in Japan, sushi rice refers to rice mixed with vinegar.

Is Botan rice sushi rice?

Botan rice

When making sushi, short-grain rice is always the best. Botan rice is excellent for sushi so you can refer it to sushi rice. It has all the qualities you require in sushi rice since it is short-grain, has a thick texture, and has good flavor.

Botan rice is a product of Cal Rose rise, famous sushi rice. The rice is white like all other sushi rice, and nothing sets it apart from other sushi rice. You will only notice the difference in the packaging that will make you believe it comes from Japan, while ideally, it is from California.

Should I Use Short Grain or Long Grain Rice for Sushi?

Long Grain Rice for Sushi

Ensure you use short grain rice when making sushi, and not only this, make sure that its quality is excellent. The short-grain rice needs to be white also and can stick together, so check on its texture. If you use long-grain rice, it tends to be quite fluffy and will therefore fall apart.

Where can I buy sushi rice?


Sushi rice is available in almost all stores along the rice section. Also, you can get the rice online from pages such as Amazon and eBay. Also, some sushi rice manufacturers will sell it directly to you so that you can check it out on the brand’s websites.

Final Words

You will only make the best sushi if you use rice’s good quality, texture, and flavor. Make it easy once you have this, and the sushi will turn out great. Ensure also you either use short-grain or medium-grain when making it.

So, do you already know what is the best type of rice for sushi? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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