Can you Microwave Uncrustables? How to Thaw Fast!

Can you Microwave Uncrustables? How to Thaw Fast!

Can you microwave Uncrustables or you should use an alternative way? Let’s see!

Uncrustables are delicious, frozen pastry sandwiches, either sweet or savory. Sweet ones are filled with hazelnut chocolate, grape jelly, and peanut butter, or strawberry jam and peanut butter fillings. Some of the savory ones include, tacos-bites, BBQ chicken, uncured pepperoni,  You can buy them at almost all grocery stores in the freezer sections. You can buy them in sets of 4, 10, or 18. 

These amazing sandwiches were designed for picky eaters in the first place, so there is no crust on them, which tends to be a deal-breaker for many. The savory ones also cater to finicky fans, who only eat perfect meats. For some, these are treats, and for others, they can be a breakfast or a whole meal. 

I would say they make a good breakfast for a weekend morning, because although they are not diet-friendly, and calorie-dense, and far from a healthy snack, you have a whole day ahead of you to burn those calories and eat healthier meals later that day.

A morning burst of energy and a sweet treat can be something you look forward to on the weekends, not to mention the easy and fast preparation. It’s also good to know, they sell uncrustables in different calories densities. 

Can you microwave uncrustables?

Can you microwave uncrustables

Although technically you can microwave uncrustables, it is not recommended officially due to some reasons, especially the sweet ones.

  • First of all, the fillings heat way faster than the bread, creating a dangerous biting zone for your mouth. You might not realize how hot it is before biting into one, burning your mouth.
  • Secondly, the bread becomes dry very easily or gets soaked up by the filling when you overheat it. Overall, it’s not the best way to enjoy your uncrustables.

It’s best if you slowly thaw your uncrustable treats, and leave them at room temperature for half an hour, or even an hour, depending on what size you bought. They will be best at room temperature for 6-8 hours after thawn, and 1 day refrigerated.

If you still prefer them from the microwave, the maximum is 60 seconds you should put them in, never more. After that, let them cool for 1-2 minutes.

You can also microwave the uncrustables on their other side for 10-20 seconds at a time to warm them up evenly.

Also, don’t forget to take them out of the box and the plastic wrapper before your heat, or prepare them, any method you choose to do so. 

Is it dangerous?

If you want to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations religiously, you shouldn’t use the microwave to heat, prepare, or thaw your uncrustables, however ’hangry’ or impatient you are.

According to the manufacturer, this is mainly due to consumer safety reasons because the filling, especially the jelly and peanut butter, becomes extremely hot very fast, while the outer brad layer will seem mildly warm. 

This can easily create dangerous situations where you eagerly bite into a freshly microwaved treat and get your tongue and mouth burned into oblivion. This is a general recommendation, though, and you can do it safely by knowing the filling is always way hotter than it seems, and letting it cool off a bit before you eat it. 

Can the microwave take away the flavor?


Overall, it is not recommended to microwave uncrustables, not just for optimal flavor. The texture can be off from microwaving them. Both jelly and peanut butter can take extreme heat, while the bread can either soak up or dry out very easily, ruining the famous texture of uncrustables. You can also burn your mouth very easily. 

Although some might deem this strange, several people prefer their uncrustables frozen as a cold treat during the summer.

I haven’t tried them this way, so I can’t say for sure, but we do enjoy an ice cream sandwich from time to time, so it can be somewhat similar to that. 

How long do you put uncrustables in the microwave?

How long to cook uncrustables

Before microwaving, always remove uncrustables from the box and the wrapping. Be extra careful when microwaving sweet uncrustables. Always stick to 20 seconds on medium heat, and always wrap them in a paper towel.

If you think 20 seconds is not enough, you can turn them to the other side and go for an additional 15 seconds.

Let them cool for 1-2 minutes before serving or eating them.

When you remove the warm uncrustables from the microwave, be careful not to burn your hand with the filling that might come out. You can heat them on a plate for safety. 

How long does it take for uncrustables to thaw at room temperature?

Uncrustables cooking time and temperature

The best way to flavor and texture is to thaw uncrustables slowly at room temperature from 30-60 minutes.

After that, consume within 6-8 hours those that are kept at room temperature and 1 day if you refrigerate it again.

These recommendations can of course vary, depending on room temperature. On a blazing hot summer day without air-conditioning, uncrustables might thaw in 10 minutes, while on a cold winter’s day, you might have to wait for 1,5 hours. 

How to defrost uncrustables fast

How to defrost uncrustables

You might not have the time or patience to wait an hour or so for your uncrustables to thaw at room temperature, whether because you’re hungry, late, the kids are impatient, or you merely want to get it over with. In any case, if you follow good guidelines, you won’t have to sacrifice taste or consistency to thaw it faster.

The first option is to defrost them in hot water while still wrapped in the plastic bag from which they came. Simply immerse them in a dish of hot water for 5–10 minutes. However, never remove the plastic and immerse them in water directly, since they will be inedible for sure.

Air frying or toasting is officially not recommended, but who can tell us what to do? You can definitely try and air fry, deep fry, or even put uncrustables in the toaster for a nice finish. Just try to be mindful of the cooking times, because they never need much to get done.

How to eat and cook uncrustables? Alternative to microwave


There are several ways to jazz up your uncrustables or turn them into a totally different treat. Some of them are worth a shot and quite surprising. One of the simpler methods is putting them in the toaster for a crusty finish and a soft, gooey inside.

An alternative to microwaving, which is usually recommended, is the best way to make them is to thaw them slowly at room temperature for 30-60 minutes, especially the sweet uncrustable sandwiches. You can not go wrong with that.

Oven-baked uncrustables are another way to go.

That might give you a very good final product because classic oven-baking usually gets deeper and more natural flavors in most foods. Whenever you have the time and mood for it, I suggest you go for oven-baking.

That method cannot be matched most of the time and results in amazing textures and tastes. In this case, preheat the oven to 350°F thoroughly, and bake the uncrustables on a sheet with non-stick paper for 15-20 minutes. After that, let them cool off for 5 minutes before you get down to eating them all.

Making French toast out of them sounds… odd? But if you are open to new and mixed sweet and savory flavors, you can try that one to replace a boring meal with your uncrustable French toast.

Now, a waffle maker sounds like a great complementary to uncrustables. The texture is naturally similar to waffles, although I would try to stick to the sweet versions if you insist on turning your uncrustables into waffles.

Another option to consider is deep frying or air-frying them. Some compare the outcome to churros or doughnuts when frying uncrustables. Making doughnuts this way can save you considerable time, but at the same time, I am unsure about frying jelly. If you consider making this one, start with the non-jelly uncrustable sandwiches first, and see for yourself how that goes.

Final words

All in all, if you have a picky eater kid, I’m pretty sure you are a regular Uncrustables fan already, or you will be one very shortly. Don’t be afraid to get creative with them, and explore other ways to make them avoid getting bored with them. 

If you stick to some rules, it is guaranteed that the quality will always be the same, making it a constant family friend in an ever-changing world. This is a definitive advantage of pre-packaged foods and treats. Some might argue that they are not the best options for a healthy diet, but if you consume them in moderation and an overall balanced diet, they can be a treat you surprise yourself with from time to time, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Keep in mind, that with usually every frozen good, you shouldn’t refreeze Uncrustables, because it will become mushy when you thaw it, and you risk it becoming spoiled as well. Try to stick to eating them within a month of buying.

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