How Long to Cook Chuck Roast in Oven at 350 Degrees? Recipe!

How Long to Cook Chuck Roast in Oven at 350 Degrees? Recipe!

How long does it take to cook chuck roast in oven at 350 degrees? Let’s find out the best cooking times and temperatures and even a great chuck roast recipe!

If you are thinking of that one thanksgiving or celebrations dish that everyone will love to eat and enjoy. Then, go for a chuck roast. this crispy yet main course will turn the tables tonight and make you the pro at cooking. Scroll down for your complete diner preparations with us.

If you never heard of chuck roasts before and wondering what it is. So, let me make it clear for you.

Chuck roasts are also famous as a cross blade or boneless shoulder roast in Canada and as beef chuck, pot roast, chuck eye, and roll in other parts of the world. It is the shoulder and neck side cut parts of the fatty animals such as pigs and cows. They are nutritious, delicious, and juicy to eat. So, Move further and find out their nutritional value, recipe, and answers to some Frequently asked questions by most people.

How long does it take to cook chuck roast in oven at 350 degrees?

How long does it take to cook chuck roast in oven at 350 degrees

The total time your chuck toast will take to prepare is 4 hours and 15 minutes including preparation. The more time you give to a dish, the yummier it will turn out.

Moreover, there is no need to keep your dish under supervision. Prepare all the items once and place them in an oven. Then leave everything to this electric cooking machine and enjoy sipping your coffee or preparing the best dishes for the time being.

How Long to Cook Chuck Roast in Oven at 350 Degrees? Recipe!

Chuck Roast in an Oven at 350 Degrees

How to cook chuck roast in oven at 350 degrees. The best recipe with the best cooking times and temperatures.
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Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 4 hrs
Resting Time 5 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4 People


  • Chuck roast (boneless)
  • Minced onion and garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Red wine
  • Broccoli
  • Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Beef broth
  • Shallot
  • Golden potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Fresh rosemary sprigs
  • Tomato paste
  • Bay leaves
  • Celery


  • Pat dry the chuck roast using a cotton towel or cloth.
  • Pre-heat the oven at 350°F. First, sear the chuck roast in a deep baking pan for 10-15 minutes till both sides are golden brown. Now cover with a lid and let it cook for 1:30h to 2:00h hours.
  • Since the chuck blade is baking. Start with the gravy preparation process.
  • Finely chop the onion, garlic and stir fry on medium flame until Brown. Add blended tomatoes to it and wait till it shows its dark color. Turn the gas off and save this puree in a bowl for later.
  • Now, roast some small-cubic potato pieces following the carrot, broccoli, and 2-inch shallot cuttings in the same pan one after another.
  • Take these veggies out in a bowl and place them at room temperature for later.
  • After the roast is baked. Start combining all the items to form a mouth-watering "Chuck roast pot".
  • Start with a tablespoon of olive oil and one by one transfer the roasted veggies, then tomato gravy, 1/4 cup of red wine, chicken broth, and 2-3 bay leaves for an aromatic feel.
  • Sprinkle with some salt, black pepper, rosemary, and celery. Cover with a lid and let them infuse with each other on a low flame, Check and stir after 15 minutes and turn off the gas when 30 minutes is completed.
  • Let it rest for 5 minutes after cooking. Uncover the lid, mix with a serving spoon and serve with some sipping drinks on the table.
  • Enjoy your dinner tonight!  
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Should I cook chuck roast covered or uncovered?

The not complete dish requires covering with a lid or foil. But the cooking in the oven at the last 3hours needs chuck roast covered for softening the eatable.

It is important to protect the dish from an extra burnt taste.

If you do not cover it with a lid or foil, then the meat will lose its juicy and savory flavor and taste bland and unattractive to eat.

Can I use frozen chuck toast?

You can use a frozen chicken out of the refrigerator immediately for cooking. But make sure to soak it well in a paper towel so that no moisture will be left on and make it mushy while cooking.

Also, your cooked chuck roast can be stored in a sealable container for 3 days and be eaten again after re-heating.

Tips for a better recipe

  • Use a fresh, boneless, and withered piece of chuck roast for the best crispy experience.
  • When Served with gravy or stir-fried vegetables, the taste will savor your tongue.
  • The side dishes or garnishing will add stars to your hard work. Try your best to serve with them.
  • The bay leaves will give a nice aroma to your dish. So, we recommend you to must add it rather than leaving it as an option.
  • The perfect infusion with gravy is necessary for a heavenly taste.
  • The lower the temperature, the best dish will turn out. So, if you want, you can also cook at 275°F but will take 6 hours-a long time.

5 Amazing side dishes for your chuck roast

Side dishes for chuck roast

The best side dishes you can rely on upon with your chuck roast are as under:

1) Creamy corns:

An amazing chuck toast on the table without corns is not fair. So, better grab the packet of mayonnaise and make your creamy corns right now. Add a tablespoon of honey and apple cider vinegar for a pinch of sweetness. Mix all ingredients in a boiled corns bowl with your preferred seasonings.   

2) Mashed potatoes:

A easy-boiled potatoes recipe with some salt, black pepper, and a cup of heavy cream. Garnish using melted butter and coriander leaves. Ready to platable.

3) Roasted carrots or asparagus:

If you have some asparagus left then use it now in a side dish to increase the side item varieties or just save some of the carrot used in a recipe for later to present with a zest of lime juice and spices on top.

4) Yorkshire pudding:

The superior of all puddings, Yorkshire just requires some eggs, milk, all-purpose flour, and cooking oil to prepare in an oven in 15 minutes. Just make holes of the batter in a muffin tray or pudding tin and bake at 450°F.

5) Mac and cheese:

Mac and cheese are like a bonus dish with your amusing main course. Your kid will eat the chuck roast or not. But can’t say a no to mac and cheese. Prepare it by boiling the macaroni first and then pouring it into a hot pan filled with evaporated milk and cheese sauce. Shred some mozzarella over the top after fully cooked. 

Nutritional Facts about chuck or pot roast

Chuck roast

Per 100 gm of chuck roast contains a quite impressive amount of 30gms of protein-filled with Iron, VitaminB6, calcium, magnesium, VitaminD, and cobalamin respectively. The fats present also have a great amount of 19gm.

The potassium and sodium are found in 243mg and 50mg quantities. 119 mg of cholesterol with 0% carbohydrate is the other must known fact about chuck roast nutrition.  

The best chuck roast cooking time and temperature

The leading temperature to cook your chuck roast is 350°F in an oven. 350° represents a medium or moderate level of heating a food, especially when you cook fat or animal meats.

The skin of animals needs proper time to prepare. Just like the slow and steady wins the race. Similarly, slow and steady cooking will win the taste.

Final words   

Prepare this special chuck roast for your momentous evening and have a whale of a time enjoying it.

We wish you all the luck and success in making your table ready with these mouth luscious dishes for the party.

If you face any doubts, Feel free to Ask in the comments sections about the chuck roast cooking process. We are here to assist you happily. Also, do not forget to share your fruitful reviews with us.

So, do you already know how long does it take to cook chuck roast in oven at 350 degrees? If you still have any question, feel free to leave your comment below!

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