How Long to Bake Bacon at 400 Degrees? Delicious Recipe!

How Long to Bake Bacon at 400 Degrees? Delicious Recipe!

Do you know how long does it take to bake bacon at 400 degrees? Let’s find out!

Oven-roasted bacon has a distinct crispy flavor that we all love. It’s versatile and can be used on pasta, between sandwiches, or in salads. Baked bacon can be incorporated into different dishes and make them nutritious and tasty. High-fat content may be a problem for those on a diet, but you can remove as much extra fat as you can. Once in a while, you can treat yourself to delicious bacon sandwiches and enjoy.

Baking in the oven is the easiest way to cook bacon. Bacon in breakfast is the routine for many of us. Oven-baked bacon is fun and easy to make. Baked bacon does not need any other ingredients other than good-quality bacon slices. And It is super easy, and you can’t go wrong unless you have not set the right temperature. 

You can season the Bacon or simply lay raw bacon in the oven for some time, and it’s done to perfection. It may be easy, but perfection and crispiness only come when you cook it at the right temperature.

We all may have heard of cooking Bacon on 400 degrees in an oven, but that is only half a story. The other half includes all the questions relating to baking roasting like for how long, the procedure, and other important questions. You also have to consider the fat content and as you bake, it drips a lot of fat. We will tell you how to store this fat and how you can reuse it.

In this article, we will discuss these questions about cooking bacon in the oven and for how long.

What temperature do you cook bacon in an oven?

Bacon cooking times and temperature

Cooking bacon in the oven is the best way to make it. It’s the method restaurants use. It’s far healthier than pan-frying the Bacon. Choosing the right temperature for baking bacon is essential. 

They should be baked at a higher temperature. Some cooks may suggest baking them at 425 degrees, but that’s too much, in my opinion. It should be hot enough to allow the bacon to crisp effortlessly, but too hot like 425 or above become too much, almost burning for the Bacon. Too much heat can burn the edges of bacon, especially if it’s a thin slice. 

 So we recommend heating the oven in advance, and it should be 400 degrees F when you put the bacon in the oven.

How long it takes to bake bacon in an oven at 400ºF?

Cooking bacon in an oven

Baking bacon until crispy may take 25-30 minutes, depending on how your oven works. If you have set the heat to 400 degrees, it should be crispy and ready to serve within 30 minutes.

However, if you have set the heat at a higher temperature like 425, it should be ready within less time. At 450ºF, bacon is ready within 15-20 minutes. So the cooking time depends directly on the heat in the oven.

How Long to Bake Bacon at 400 Degrees? Delicious Recipe!

How Long to Bake Bacon at 400ºF: Recipe

The important thing is to choose high-quality bacon. They can be prepackaged or freshly purchased from the butcher section of the store. So choosing good quality bacon is essential for best results. 
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Resting Time 5 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4 People


  • Bacon


  • Use a baking tray and cover the base with foil. 
  • Set the foil or parchment paper on a baking tray. 
  • Place a wire rack above the baking tray.
  • Greece the baking rack, you can use the nonstick spray as well. 
  • A wire rack is essential for heating the bacon from all sides. It gives an even and texture. 
  • Put raw Bacon on wire rack. 
  • Make sure there is enough space between each slice. And they dont overlap.
  • Leave the tray in a preheated oven at 400 degrees and check them after 30 minutes.
  • Leave them inside until Bacon are as crispy as desired.
  • Take the tray out and safely remove the bacon to a plate using a tong. 
  • Pat the bacons with a paper towel to remove the extra fat.
  • Serve on top of salads, pasta,s or sandwiches. 


The thickness of Bacon depends on your preference, but I like it thick. It tastes better in sandwiches and burgers. Also, too thin bacon stripes become too crisp and whimpery, so thicker stripes are more delicious. 
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Can I Cook Bacon in Oven on 350 degrees?

For perfect crispy texture, the temperature of the oven should be accurate. Yes, you can cook bacon in the oven at 350 degrees, but it takes longer to bake, and also, you may not find that perfect crisp. 

Cooking on 400 degrees is ideal for bacon; however, 350 degrees can also make them crispy if you have too thins trips. Cooking at too high a temperature above 425 can burn the edges. It may cook in less time but burn edges and may not taste very good. 

Can I use Frozen Bacon?

Yes, you can, it can be stored in the fridge, and you can keep using it afterward whenever you need to assemble a quick sandwich. Bacon’s fat amount is high, which makes it very easy to thaw. 

Take it out an hour or two before you intend to bake, and it will be thawed before you put it in the freezer. If you have frozen properly, you can even put frozen bacon in the oven. It may take a few more minutes, and bacon will be roasted to perfection.

Can I Cook Bacon in Microwave?

Yes, you can cook bacon in the microwave as well. Sometimes you dont need to bake too many strips and need something instantly. Cooking in the oven requires preheating that can take time.

Sometimes I just put bacon in the microwave. It takes less time and is perfect for baking a couple of slices. You have less mess to clean afterward as the microwave is smaller and easier to clean. 

A few disadvantages are that cooking in the microwave does not give as crisp results as in the oven. Sometimes its edges are not done perfectly, and it can also become chewy. Still, the results can be perfect if you are using a convection oven. 

The time and temperature for cooking Bacon in the microwave can be different. It depends on how many slices you are cooking in a go and the thickness of slices. If you are using thin stripes, it may take 6 minutes. 

The normal-sized bacon slice can be cooked in the microwave within 6-7 minutes. Lay the bacon on a microwave-safe plate. Use a paper towel between bacon and plate to absorb all the excess fat melting from the slices. 

Lay the bacon and dont overlap them. Turn the microwave on high heat for 5-6 minutes and check the results. If you need more crispy, you can run the microwave for a minute or more. You can buy special gadgets to cook bacon in the microwave. 

Tips and Tricks for a Better Bacon

Here are some tricks that can enhance the flavor and help you cook to perfection:

  • Use a wire rack, and a wire rack ensures heat reaches bacon from all sides. It gives even texture and cooks perfectly from all sides. 
  • Whether cooking in the oven or microwave, dont overlap bacon even if you have to cook in two-three batches. 
  • Cook at 400 degrees, too less, or too high will not result. 
  • Dont flip the bacon. 
  • You can store the dripped fat from the bacon and save it in a jar. 
  • The bacon fat or butter gives your roasted veggies or fried chips an instant kick. 
  • To clean up afterward, let the bacon fat solidify, and you can remove the chunks easily.
  • Serve the bacon with broccoli salad, potato, and broccoli soup, or any mix of roasted veggies.

So, do you already know how long does it take to bake bacon in oven at 400 degrees and even at 350 degrees? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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