How to Cook Chicken Sausage in Oven? Easy Recipe!

How to Cook Chicken Sausage in Oven? Easy Recipe!

Today I will show you how to cook chicken sausage in oven. I have the perfect recipe for you!

Roasted chicken sausages are a great addition to any meal. They will be good whether potato wedges or some vegetables. You, however, need to make them the right way, which is pretty straightforward. In under 30 minutes, you should have your sausages ready.

Making them in the oven will make them even more flavorful. If you are still wondering how to do it, keep on reading. This article will give you an easy recipe for cooking chicken sausage in the oven and tips to ensure it is well cooked. 

How Long Does Chicken Sausage Take to Cook in Oven?

w Long Does Chicken Sausage Take to Cook in Oven

While chicken sausages are a favorite for many, not all know how to cook them well. To turn out well, you need to be sure of the time it will take in the oven to be well-cooked. So, you need to monitor the time so that it does not overcook or undercook while in the oven.

Before cooking them, you should first preheat the oven at 375 . It ensures that the oven is at the right temperature when you place the chicken sausages.

Usually, you can bake the chicken sausages for about 20 to 30 minutes. The period it takes depends on you and whether you will be satisfied with the outcome.

If you are baking them for 20 minutes, ensure you first bake one side for 10 minutes, then flip the sausages to bake for another 10 minutes. You can push the time to 15 more minutes or so as long as they do not burn. Also, ensure you do not use less time since they will be undercooked.

Once the time elapses, you can check whether they are well-done by maybe cutting a piece from one of the sausages. If it still has the pink color, please return it to the oven and allow it to bake for a little more minutes.

How long to Cook Chicken Sausage on Stove?

Chicken Sausage on Stove

Cooking chicken sausage on the stove is also pretty much straightforward. Within a few minutes, it should be done and ready for serving. Ideally, the sausage will cook in a pan for about 5 to 7 minutes at most.

If you choose to boil it first, it should take less time than this. Boiling will take about 6 to 8 minutes, after which you can pan-fry it for 5 minutes or so.

Also, between the 5 or 7 minutes you will use to cook, you need to turn it in every 2 to 3 minutes. It will ensure that all parts are well cooked. 

Moreover, you should not use so much heat if you will use the stove. Using more heat will make the cooking much fast, but the sausages will not be well-done after all. You might end up burning them, so regulate the heat to medium-high to allow the sausage to cook at its own pace.

Should I cook on Stove, Oven, or Pan?

It is okay to use either of these mediums to prepare your chicken sausages. But, the ideal way is by use of the oven.

The oven will give you an easy time cooking since you need not flip the sausages now and then. Once you place them in it, you will allow one side to cook for half the set time, then flip it to allow the other side to cook.

The oven also takes the win since you need not involve your hands so much. It’s pretty straightforward; you prepare the sausages, place them in the oven, check once, and they are ready to serve. So, you can continue with your kitchen business as they cook.

Moreover, cooking them in the oven makes your cleaning time pretty easy. You usually place an aluminum foil on the tray before anything else, so once they are ready, you remove and clean it. It also does not take so long for the sausages to cook.

What Do I Need to Cook Chicken Sausages in Oven?

Chicken sausages

The things you require when making chicken sausages will depend on how you want to make them. But of course, you will need the chicken sausages at first. Then if you are looking at adding any extra veggies, you can get some.

Chicken sausages will do well with onions, bell peppers, and broccoli. You will also require some oil. In this case, olive oil will work better and make them tastier. You can also add some black pepper and sea salt, which you add to the vegetables.

Other things you require include a pair of tongs for turning. You will also need a baking bowl, aluminum foil, and a basting brush to apply butter around the sausages. A baking sheet and parchment paper may also be necessary if you do not have aluminum foil.

How to Cook Chicken Sausage in Oven? Easy Recipe!

How to Cook Chicken Sausage in Oven

Oven-cooked chicken sausages always turn out great. It does not matter the number of sausages you intend to cook, as long as you follow the correct procedure. The things you need to get started include:
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  • Baking tray
  • Tongs
  • Baking sheet


  • Chicken sausages
  • Olive oil
  • Cooking spray


Step 1: Preheat the oven

  • Of course, the first thing you need to do is preheat the oven. Preheat it to 375. Make sure the rack is at the center of the oven as you do this.

Step 2: Prepare the baking tray

  • Place the baking sheet on the tray. Parchment paper and silicone baking mats will also do well if you do not have one. Both are easy to clean up so, and they are ideal. You can now spray the baking sheet or parchment paper with cooking spray or olive oil.

Step 3: Place the sausages on the tray

  • Once the tray is ready, place the sausages on it. Ensure you space them out to ensure they cook well. Place the tray in the oven and allow them to cook.

Step 4: Cook for 30 minutes

  • Allow the sausages to cook for about 30 minutes. Ensure that you flip them with tongs half the time so that all sides can cook well. Also, cook them at 400 degrees. 

Step 5: Check if they are ready

  • Once they change color to a golden brown, the sausages are likely ready. But you can check the internal temperature, and it should be ready at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they reach this, they are ready for serving.
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How to tell if Chicken Sausage is cooked?

The easiest way to tell that the chicken sausage is ready is by checking its temperature. You will need a meat thermometer to do this, so insert it into the sausage.

The temperature should be about 165, which is around 74 degrees Celsius. If the sausage maintains this temperature for about 30 seconds, it is well-cooked.

Another way to tell whether they are cooked is by touching them. If you touch the fleshy part and the meat and feel like their consistency is similar, it means that the sausage is still raw. 

Also, you can pick it up to check if the sausage is firm and bouncy. If this is not the case, allow it to cook for a few more minutes. Checking the inside will also guide you in determining this. When sausage is well done, it should produce clear juices, the inside should not be pink, and the outside should be brownish.

Checking the time it takes to cook the chicken sausages is also an ideal way of telling whether or not it is ready. Usually, you should cook it in the oven for about 30 minutes. This time is enough to cook all the sides well. 

The Chicken Sausage Cook Time

The chicken sausage cook time will depend on the method you choose to use. When using the oven, it will take 20 to 30 minutes to be well done. Ensure that you cook it for the first half of the time, say 10 minutes, then flip it on the other side and allow it to cook for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

If you choose to make it using the stove, 10 to 15 minutes should be enough for all the sides to cook well. When using this method, you will need to flip it from time to time to make sure all parts cook.

While these are possible cook times that should guide you, pay attention to the change in color in the sausages so that they do not overcook or undercook.

Internal Temperature for Cooked Chicken Sausage

A cooked chicken sausage should reach an internal temperature of 165. If the temperatures reach this level, remove the chicken sausage from the oven, allow it to cool, and serve. Also, ensure that they are well-done and that this temperature persists for 30 seconds.

When they are below the 165 mark, the sausage will not have cooked well, so add five minutes to it. The fats will start melting down if it goes beyond this temperature, making the sausage dry.

Final Words

Cooking a chicken sausage in the oven is as easy as you have seen! The main thing you need to do is ensure that you are on with the cooking time and, most notably, the internal temperature. If you cannot check the temperature, you can touch it or check its appearance to know whether it is ready.

So, do you already know how to cook chicken sausage in oven or stove? Please, feel free to leave your opinion below!

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