Can You Eat Raw Bacon? 5 Risks of Uncooked Bacon

Can You Eat Raw Bacon? 5 Risks of Uncooked Bacon

You all were wondering that why I picked this debatable topic in your mind running behind to talk about. Although the line was to have a focus on but can you really eat raw bacon? The answer is “No.”

And “Are there any risks involved in consuming raw bacon?”- It’s a straight “Yes.”

I will brief you with the reasons very soon. First, here is what happened to me today.

Even though I am a nutritionist by profession. But my love for food is as similar as a crazy child. We welcome every Sunday with a cheat day by making our body calories nervous with some mouth-licking recipes. So, Today’s one was smoky bacon infused with a lit saucy flavor.

But my mind cracked when my kid picked up a piece of raw bacon and started tasting it. Plus, my hubby was accompanying him on this adventure. And I from the back was like: “Boys, Stop the crap. Bring down your Excitement and think before what you are doing?”

So, Let me answer all the popular questions we or our children ask ourselves about eating raw or undercooked dishes.

Can you eat raw bacon?

Can you eat raw bacon

If you wanna taste a raw flesh of an animal in its uncooked form, then you can have a bite. But my responsibility arises to inform you about how tasteless and bland a raw animal fat could be. Maybe you never want to eat it ever again in your life.

The health-related facts for consuming raw flesh are not impressive too. It can lead to severe pain and digestion problems for your stomach.

Is cured bacon safe to eat raw?

Is cured bacon safe to eat raw

The cured or every bacon in a package is packed after various cleaning and sanitization processes. However, cured bacon is coated in salt, nitrates, and sodium.

This salty bacon is not only ready to use for cooking. But is also processed to give a pink texture and preserve bacon for a longer period. It will increase the span days of the meat or flesh which is cured.

So, cured bacon is 100% safe to eat after cooking and can be used prolonged if stored properly in the sealed pouch in a refrigerator.

Is it dangerous?

Eating raw bacon can be dangerous. Although it undergoes a lot of processes to be bacteria-free and safe to eat. But ingesting a raw one is hard to chew and then digest. Our body cells are not that advance to swallow flesh which is similar to our body.

Eating and ingesting plant-based vegetables can be an easy task but taking in uncooked animal fat is difficult.

Can it harm my health?

Yes, eating anything which our body is not habitual of can harm our system. Especially, when we experiment with our digestive organs. Our digestive enzymes are weak to break down hard compounds and make them digestible when it comes to animal flesh.

5 Risks of Eating Uncooked Bacon

Risks of Eating Uncooked Bacon

1) Trichinosis:

The symptoms of trichinosis include improper eating. It occurs when a person consumes raw food flesh. The uncooked pork or steaks selling on sale or discounted rates on stalls may be infected which further leads to the development of parasitic elements in your body.

The earliest signs may be mistaken as minor flu but if not get a proper prescription on time. The case may get worsen and also result in deaths sometimes.

2) Food poisoning:

It is not good to develop a raw eating habit unless it’s fruits and some selected vegetables like carrot and cucumber. Swallowing other food items uncooked causes bloating, vomiting, gaseous problems, diarrhea, and sometimes constipation too.

3) Fever:

Having fever and some chills after inappropriate eating are quite common. Feeling sudden sickness and tiredness is an indication that our immune and body systems cant accept raw chewing. It is not only difficult to digest but also a barrier in the path of digestive enzymes.

4) Thirst:

Where on the one hand someone can be affected by illness. It can also happen with the other person to face thirsty feeling again and again for a while after consuming. Just like a lot of other food items, that we feel more dehydrated later. Therefore, some flesh pieces can also cause this kind of after-eating symptoms.

5) Muscle soreness and other infections:

Skin infections, rashes, redness, and eye swelling, and many other signs can be shown on your physical body due to unwell eating. The muscle discomfort and burning sensations on the skin can also be felt in extreme cases. So, proper consultation with the doctor or your health expert is recommended in such events.

What is the right way to eat bacon?

Easy and safe bacon recipe

The appropriate way to eat bacon or any other animal meat is in its cooked form. Smoking, grilling, and boiling will make it more right to chew and digest in by us. Some popular and my best-recommended procedures are:

  • Boiled: Bacon boiled for 30-35 minutes and then served with some carrot and cabbage are all time and easy making dish to go with. You can sprinkle some olive oil with favorite seasonings according to your tongue.
  • Grilling: Grilling is better’ than frying these days. Enjoying your bacon slices along in a family gathering when you have one outside griller in the garden is a plus point.

The preparation even will not take much time and ingredients to get the taste.


Salt, pepper, oregano, olive oil, onion garlic paste, bacon slices, a tablespoon of squeezed lemon, mint leaves for garnishing.

  1. Pat dry your thinly sliced bacon pieces with a towel.
  2. Mix well the mentioned spices in a spoonful of olive oil for greasing.
  3. Coat the steaks properly in the mixture.
  4. Place on a pre-heated griller and let them grill on medium-low heat for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Turn around for the other side and allow them to cook for another 2 minutes.
  6. Place on a tissue towel to drain the excess moisture and serve with some mint leaves and a sprinkling of lemon juice on top.

Microwaved: Baking bacon in an oven is similarly easy as grilling. The crisp and tenderness will remain the same with more crunchy steak on your plate.

The recipe is simple:

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place a baking sheet in a tray and put on thin slices in line.
  3. Keep the tray back in the oven and let them bake for 35-40 minutes.
  4. Transfer to a towel-lined plate to rest for 5 minutes and then present with some beautifully garnished coriander leaves.

It’s simple, fast and delicious!

Tricks to polish up your bacon dish

  • Superior quality: The best quality you go for, the more delicious your dish will come out in flavor. From inferior to superior, every quality is available according to your price choice. The mouth quenching smack comes from the most top quality of your cured porks.
  • Date of packaging and storage method: Always check the packed on or best before date while opening or using any packet. And store in a freezer in a sealed pouch or container after every use for a later or longer period.
  • Garnish: As I always say, your decoration attracts more than the dish itself if served properly. Therefore, a good garnishing with some parsley leaves and zest of lemon juice. A good combination of cocktails, peanut butter, creamy Spanish, and some bacon-wrapped peaches will look good on your table to serve along with your main dish.

Caramel popcorn is my favorite and is highly recommended if you like to add a tint of bacon in your snacks and starters too.

Can you eat bacon out of the package?

Package of bacon

No, we cannot eat a strip of bacon out of the box directly without cooking or even make a dish without and washing or cleaning. Although packaging indeed undergoes a lot more procedures rather than just packing the items.

The cleaning, nitration, and other steps are also performed under this process to make our food safe and good to eat for a longer time.

But rinsing it well before use is mandatory to wash away bacteria. Plus, the heating and boiling while preparing any dish also make it safer and infection-free.

What happens if you eat undercooked bacon?

Cooked bacon

Eating undercooked or overcooked food can make you come across similar issues of food poisoning. The first thing is that it will not satisfy your taste buds.

A lot of us eat food for the sake of its yummy flavor and tummy pleasure. So, there is no denial in wanting the best flavor when you worked hard and spent the money on your bacon to be tempting.

Can you die from eating raw bacon?


The dying is the worst-case scenario in raw eating food habits. But trying for the first time, I can’t say that you will immediately die. The thing that needs to keep in mind is not to make raw eating flesh your routine.

It is kind of like adventuring and forcing your cells to fight and absorb such food, which our body is not capable to break down. More importantly, when it’s in its uncooked or raw form.

And if talk about dying from food, it is true that around 3000 deaths in the US occur every year due to food poisoning. The proper use of utensils and cooking methods can be more advantageous for all of us to adopt to prevent such events to take place.

Final words

I hope you have understood the downhill points on why not to eat portions of bacon raw or uncooked. So, cook well before ingesting for amusing taste and healthy eating.

Comment down for any help and queries in our minds. Always ready to serve you all a healthy lifestyle and habits.

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