How Long to Bake Stuffed Peppers at 400 Degrees? Great Recipe!

How Long to Bake Stuffed Peppers at 400 Degrees? Great Recipe!

Are you looking for a perfect meal for the weekend night? Stuffed pepper is very satisfying, easy to make, and all in one meal. So, we have the best recipe that show’s how long does it take to bake stuffed peppers in the oven at 400 degrees.

Bell peppers are one of my favorite vegetables to cook in different ways. Packed with lots of nutrition, they are versatile and work well as a main dish or a side dish.

Bell peppers can be made in different ways but a festive way of making them is to stuff them with our favorite ingredients and put them in the oven. add cheese, mince, chicken, a lot of your favorite ingredients. Peppers are strong enough to hold their shape while baking and soft enough to be sliced up for filling to make a self-contained whole meal. 

The multi-colored stuffed peppers are loaded with a hearty blend of ground beef, garlic, onion, tomatoes, spinach, and rice. But you can customize this dish according to your diet and preferences. Serve them with a fresh salad and some crusty bread to add more aura to your table. Read the article to know everything about baking the stuffed peppers at 400°F.

What is the best temperature to bake stuffed peppers?

Cooking time and temperature for stuffed peppers

The suitable temperature to bake stuffed peppers relies on the size of pepper and the type of crisp you want. Like for half peppers, 400°F is the optimum temperature because it prevents the excessive drying of stuffing and retains all the essential nutrients.

But if you want to bake whole peppers, you can bake them at 450°F for 25-30 minutes.

Similarly, to get a soft and fluffy stuffing, try dropping the oven temperature down to 350°F and bake for 45 minutes.

How long does it take to bake stuffed peppers at 400 degrees?

How long does it take to bake stuffed peppers at 400 degrees

Normally, it takes about 30-35 minutes to bake stuffed peppers at 400 degrees.

The baking of peppers at 400 degrees F in the oven takes about 20 minutes. Until the peppers are baked, you can cook the filling.

After baking, the peppers are filled and back in the oven for 10 minutes.

So, it takes a total of 30-35 minutes to get your fully baked stuffed peppers at 400 degrees.

How Long to Bake Stuffed Peppers at 400 Degrees? Great Recipe!

Stuffed Peppers at 400 Degrees Recipe

How long and how to cook stuffed peppers in the oven at 400 degrees. Step by step and the best cooking times and temperatures for a perfect recipe.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Resting Time 5 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4 People


  • Bell pepper
  • Beef
  • Rice
  • Onion
  • Salt
  • Tomatoes
  • Chilli
  • Chicken broth
  • Cheese
  • Olive oil


Preparing stuffed peppers is a two-step process; cooking the filling then baking the peppers stuffed with the filling. Here is the complete process:

  • Arrange the peppers: Slice the tops of the peppers and remove seeds to make room for filling.
  • Cook the filling: Add some olive oil to a large heavy-bottomed pot and heat it over medium flame. Then add the thin layer of meat when the oil starts to smoke lightly, and sprinkle the salt and pepper.
  • Cook with a wooden spoon until the meat browns, which takes 5 to 8 minutes. Then remove the meat from the pot. Stir the onions, garlic, and chili powder into the pot with a little amount of salt. 
  • Keep stirring the mixture, and then cook until the flavors meld together. Put the tomatoes gently over medium flame until the tomatoes fall apart and the chili thickens in 12 to 15 minutes. After this, add the meat back into the pot and remove it from the heat.
  • Heat the oven: Preheat oven at 400-degree F (204.4°C).
  • Bake the peppers: Arrange the peppers on a nonstick baking dish and sprinkle the insides with salt. Also, drizzle with two tablespoons of oil over the dish. Place the baking dish in the center of the oven at 400 F and roast until the peppers are juicy and somewhat softened, and tender. After 15 - 20 minutes, remove the dish from the oven.
  • Fill the peppers: Fill each pepper halfway with the freshly cooked filling.
  • Finish baking: Top the prepared stuffed peppers with cheese and put them back in the oven for further baking until peppers are tender.
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Should I use red, yellow, or green peppers?

Generally, i use green peppers, but you can swap in red, yellow, or orange.

Green bell peppers are easily the most inexpensive because they are picked under-ripe. Green, vibrant yellow, orange, and red peppers upon ripening.

These versions are sweeter, nutrient-rich, and have a mild flavor upon ripening. Red bell peppers contain twice the concentration of vitamin C than green peppers.

That’s why they are higher in price than yellow and orange. However, you can use all the colors for a more attractive presentation.

Can I use frozen pepper?

Frozen peppers make equally nutrient-rich stuffed peppers as the fresh ones. You can freeze extra peppers for later stuffing, ensuring you always have ingredients on hand.

Frozen sliced bell peppers will preserve more vitamin C and antioxidants than sliced fresh bell peppers. However, peppers are usually frozen without blanching, but unblanched frozen peppers can make stuffed peppers soggy.

So, try to freeze your peppers after blanching because it stops the enzymatic processes in the pepper flesh and retains their color and flavor.

How to make tomato sauce for stuffed peppers?

Sauce for stuffed peppers

I know a very good sauce that goes very good with stuffed peppers. It’s very simple, easy to do and delicious. You can trust me!

Just follow the step bu step below:

  1. Cut tomatoes horizontally into two halves;
  2. Take out the seeds and discard them;
  3. Then grate the tomatoes by pressing their cut side against the large holes of the grater and collect the tomato pulp into a bowl;
  4. Pour tomato pulp in a low wide saucepan and heat it;
  5. Then add salt, basil, olive oil, tomato paste, garlic, and bay leaf. Heat the mixture to boiling, then lower heat to a brisk simmer;
  6. Stir the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes occasionally to produce a medium-thick sauce;
  7. Taste and adjust salt accordingly;
  8. The sauce can keep up to 5 days in the refrigerator or frozen;
  9. Place the stuffed peppers in the tomato sauce or pour the sauce over stuffed peppers and heat them on medium-low heat, covered, until the peppers get softer.

Tips and tricks to improve the recipe

Softer stuffed pepper:

Before baking, simmer the peppers for 5 minutes to be softer. You can also do this by blanching them in boiling water for up to 2 minutes and placing them in a bowl of ice water. However, do not pre-cook or blanch the peppers if you want light and crisp tenders.

Add cheese:

Top your stuffed peppers with shredded cheddar cheese during the last 10 minutes of baking, put them back into the oven, and wait until the cheese bubbles. The cheese will take your stuffed peppers to the next level.

Pre-cook in the microwave:

You can even pre-cook the peppers in the microwave for 6-8 minutes. But make sure to put them in a microwave-safe baking dish, sprinkle some salt on the inside, and add 1/4 cup water to the dish. Cover the dish with aluminum foil to prevent the peppers from drying out.


Bake the tops of the bell peppers and use them as lids for a unique presentation. However, stuffed pepper is already a whole meal but served with garlic bread or salad to make it more filling.

Ditch the rice:

Mostly, stuffed pepper recipes call for rice. But you can ditch the rice and switch it for a healthy option, such as quinoa. Not only is it healthier than rice, but it can add a fluffier texture to your stuffed peppers if cooked properly.

Basil and Oregano:

To add extra flavor, you can top the filling with basil and oregano before baking it.

Slow cooker:

If you do not have an oven, you can also cook the stuffed peppers in a slow cooker. Just place them in a slow cooker and cook on low heat for 3.5 to 4 hours.

So, do you already know the best recipe and how long does it take to bake stuffed peppers in the oven at 400 degrees? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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