What to Eat With Fried Shrimp? 23 Side Dishes for Shrimp

What to Eat With Fried Shrimp? 23 Side Dishes for Shrimp

Are you looking for what to eat and serve with fried and grilled shrimp? We have 23 delicious side dishes and vegetables for you!

It is the era of popular seafood dishes, that are enjoyed in each corner of the world nowadays. When we talk about the delicious juicy taste of prawns and lobsters, then how can we forget about the shrimpy shrimps.   

This quickly fried and crispy smack can go along perfectly with any side dish. Some of our highly recommended ones are presented below in Today’s article. If you chose fried shrimp as a Thanksgiving dish this year. then I will assure you that plenty of compliments are already on your way if you try our suggested sides to serve on the table along with shrimps.

What to eat with fried shrimp? 15 Side Dishes

What to eat with fried shrimp? 15 Side Dishes

1) Pasta


If you have already tried every kind of pasta then, you will find out that I will choose spaghetti in this recipe to make a great combination with shrimp. You can use Linguine or fettuccine kinds of pasta as well.

Recipe: This spaghetti recipe will take only 20 minutes to cook if you work alongside it.

  1. Let the spaghetti boil for 10-12 minutes and start by making white sauce on the other stove.
  2. Keeping the pan on a medium-low flame, sautee minced garlic in a tablespoon of butter.
  3. Add all-purpose flour and stir. Pour the milk bit by bit and constantly whisk them to avoid lumps.
  4. Transfer the boiled spaghetti into the pan once boiled and cream is made. Sprinkle with some salt, black pepper, and parmesan cheese for an amusing taste.

Serve on the table and enjoy with your favorite fried shrimps.

2) Fried rice and curry

Fried rice and curry
Fried rice and curry

Rice and curry add stars and will easily turn this evening snack into your main course dish. All you need is some more minutes of cooking.

Mixing boiled rice into your best-loved fried veggies will make a delicious outcome. Just add spices to your tongue’s taste and infuse them well.

On the other hand, prepare a curry with just onion and tomato and still feel the satisfactory taste from it. After sauteing 1/2 cup blended onion for 4 minutes, put over 1.5 cups of blended tomatoes and let them cook for 6-8 minutes.

Salt, black pepper will add taste and more flavor. You can also use a tablespoon of red chili for more twists.

(Note: For thin curry add half a cup of water and adjust the spices accordingly. Let the curry boil for another 5 minutes so that all the ingredients can mingle properly.)

3) Zucchini noodles

Zucchini noodles
Zucchini noodles

When you don’t have an option just go for zucchini. This high fiber and low-calorie courgette will turn the tables when used in noodle shape with the help of a manual grater.

You can simply serve the zoodles with a zest of lemon juice on top. And using it as a substitute for pasta will also be fine to go forward with.

4) Creamy Spinach

Creamy Parmesan spinach
Creamy Parmesan spinach

Creamy Spinach never leaves the court empty once put in front. It goes fine with every other flesh or meat dish and wins on the ground every time.

Effortlessly make a white sauce with butter, flour, and milk.

Add boiled spinach and mix well until the cream is thick and blended with the baby leaves.

5) French fries

French fries
French fries

If you are in doubt that will children taste the fried shrimps, then take some help from their most loved dish and make them eat these fulfilling shrimps. Yes, I am talking about french fries.

The special step I follow to make my finger fries more crispy is to coat them in cornflour before frying. This strategy works and gives 2X times more crunchiness to my fingers.

6) Salted asparagus

Salted asparagus
Salted asparagus

If you ask my opinion between steam, grilled, or roasted. I will blindly choose oven-roasted asparagus. The reason is its crusty taste after roasting.

The procedure asks for:

  1. Pre-heating the oven at 425°C.
  2. Place the clean and dry asparagus over a baking sheet in an oven tray after removing the ends. 
  3. Spread them well for proper roasting and drizzle olive oil or some seasoning on them.

Place the tray back in an oven and let it roast for 12-15 minutes for the best result.

7) Salad


From simple vegetable salad to creamy ones you can make any one of your choices here. I believe plain salads to go with every other dish, and choose them whenever a side dish demand arises.

A plain salad is easy and requires no heating, steaming, or frying. All the ingredients used are meant to eat raw as well without and arising any digestive issues.

Chop the onion, carrot, radish, tomato, cucumber, pomegranate, and beetroot in thinly sliced pieces on a plate. Serve with black salt and half-cut lemons on the side.

(Note: Black salt and black pepper are two different things in terms of definition, taste, and uses. You can’t use one in place of another in any case.)

8) Brownies


Dinner without dessert on the table feels like something is missing at the party. A sweet is necessary to make and remember forever lasting moments in our lives.

And Brownies in any season can rock either with ice-creams in summer or with hot chocolate syrups in winters. You can buy or even make them at home with a lot of dry fruits and choco chips hidden inside as your love.

Everyone in the family will surely love and give you a heartwarming smile for this extra effort of yours’.  

9) Cheesy corns

Cheesy corns
Cheesy corns

Corn is always favorite on the menu and you know ‘What is the one amazing fact about the corn?’ Apart from being good for health and health, it improves our vision and protects the lens damage that results in cataracts and other eye issues.

If your child has a regular habit of eating corn In any form then don’t let it go by any chance and try impressing him/her with new corn-related recipes. Cheesy corn baked in an oven after little roasting is always mouth lucious.

10) Beverages

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Detox Island Green Recipe: Try at Home

Refreshment in any form will lighten up your mood. Pouring drinks on the table with fried shrimps and some amusing side dishes. Red wine is a rock on the floor and you can sip it all night on any occasion without any second thought.

11) Mashed potatoes

Mashed Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes

Who will think that a boiled potato can even taste better after being mashed. Yes, smashing and finely mashing boiled potatoes and intermingling with some cream will make give a smack and lovely twist to our fried shrimps. When decorated with some melted butter and coriander leaves, the flavor feels more heavenly and lovely to us.

12) Elote-style corn

Elote-style corn
Elote-style corn

Boiling corns in a pressure cooker after de-attaching the outer leaves for half an hour is a great way to eat corns. Coat them with the infusion of red-chili powder, and salt in lemon zest. Decorate with tandoori sauce and voila enjoy!  

13) Coleslaw


If you think that coleslaw will require a lot of ingredients to prepare. then, trust me it is the easiest thing to prepare while making any dish. Just grate a good amount of cabbage and carrot in a bowl. Mix with 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise and ready to platable. You can also go for honey for sweet tint.

14) Roasted nuts or dry fruits

Roasted nuts or dry fruits
Roasted nuts or dry fruits

Just take out a jar of your favorite nuts. Place a pan on a medium flame, drizzle with coconut oil and transfer the nuts to roast on the heat for about 5-7 minutes. You can garnish it over the fried shrimps or eat alongside them for nutty and crispy together. 

15) Capsicum pockets

Capsicum pockets
Capsicum pockets

Cutting the bell peppers into 2 halves and filling them with cherry, tomatoes, potatoes, peas, leeks, and then baking in an oven will work.

Remember to use the boiled veggies and quick fry them for a great taste and flavor.

What goes well with grilled shrimp? 8 Side Dishes

What goes well with grilled shrimp? 8 Side Dishes

If you have already thought to take out your garden griller and grill some juicy shrimps. Why not add some other grilling starters too with forever suitable side dishes.

16) Cauliflower mash

If you don’t like a potato mash, it is okay. But you can never say a ‘No’ to a cauliflower one. Steam the cauliflower head for 15 minutes and blend into a mixer to mash it properly.

Sautee some garlic in a skillet and shift the mashed cauliflower into it after turning off the gas. Add thick cream, butter, and garnish with some parsley leaves on top.

17) Mac and cheese

Hardcore competition between pasta and mac and cheese is since ages. Surprisingly both go well with any dish presented. But the decision lies in the choice of the one eating. And my choice is mac and cheese for grilled shrimp. The cheese floating on the mac will change the game super quick for any starter.

18) Ham steaks

Ham steaks can be cooked in any form but the taste that felt from grilling is undoubtedly the best. If you still don’t now what to eat with fried shrimp, that’s a great alternative!

19) Garlic lemon Broccoli

Roasted or stir-fried broccolis are never out of fashion. And how I make broccoli is simple:

  1. Cut the broccoli florets into 2 halves and pat dry well before using.
  2. Toss with some cooking oil, salt, pepper, and cumin seeds into a bowl.
  3. Evenly spread on a baking sheet in an oven tray.
  4. Transfer to a pre-heated oven at 425°C and let it roast for 15-20 minutes.

It’s done! Enjoy your delicious meal.

20) Paneer

Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is quite less popular in European and American countries. But they will become part of your daily diet part once you try them.

A lot of people, generally Indians enjoy it very much as an evening snack. Eating it raw and fried in a pan for 2-3 minutes will be all it requires. It is also a great dish to use in a barbeque with the layering of some spices and barbeque sauce on top.

21) Slush

These summer drinking, alcohol-free slushes will make any occasion better with these fruity mashes in carbonated water. My all-time favorite mocktail is Sunrise. As specified from the name this orange drink will require a cup of fresh orange juice.

Mix it with some 1/4 ounces of carbonated water and two spoonfuls of lemon juice.

The mint leaf on the top will make your dink more appealing to drink.

22) Sauce

A variety of sauces and their flavors are available in your nearest local shops. The thing is that we should know what kind of sauce goes well with grilled items. So, let me tell you that ketchup will never work, instead use the creamy Sauces for the same. I prefer eating Mustard, chipotle, sweet onion, tandoori, and ranch sauces to serve on the diner with my grilled shrimp bowl.  

23) Cornbread

Just buy a ready-to-cook mixture of cornbread and bake in an oven at 350°C for 30-40 minutes. Your main course dish will be on the floor to present with no delay if you consider cornbread for the end.

What vegetable goes with shrimp?

What vegetable goes with shrimp

When we talk about vegetables to go with shrimp. I guess every other will suit. But the most delicious ones are:

1) Mushrooms

Mushrooms grilled in a barbeque stick with some capsicum slices will be toothsome and appetizing enough for your tummy to try with shrimps.

2) Brussels Sprouts

Roasted brussels sprouts play a smart role with fried shrimps for a succulent evening snack. You can also grill them after wrapping them in a bacon piece.

3) Beans

Just as you like the roasted asparagus, similarly the bean sticks also boom with the shrimps. You can have it any time with various variations in a simple dish.

Final words

I am hoping that your recipe notebook is ready till now to tell you how and which side dish with go best with your fried and grilled shrimps.

Do not forget to share your favorites from the above-mentioned dishes and feel free to ask us for queries anytime. Will love to know your thoughts and share ours for healthy living.

So, do you already know what to eat and serve with fried and grilled shrimp? Please, feel free to leave your comment and opinion below!

Other Side Dishes:

What to Eat With Fried Shrimp? 23 Side Dishes for Shrimp

What to Eat With Fried Shrimp? 23 Sides

The best side dishes for fried shrimp and what to serve with grilled shrimp. Easy recipes with vídeo and step by step.
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  • Pasta
  • Fried rice and curry
  • Zucchini noodles
  • Creamy Parmesan spinach
  • French fries
  • Salted asparagus
  • Salad
  • Brownies
  • Cheesy corns
  • Beverages
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Elote-style corn
  • Coleslaw
  • Roasted nuts or dry fruits
  • Capsicum pockets


  • Prepare your fried shrimp;
  • Prepare your side dish.
  • Enjoy your delicious meal!
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