Crafty Crab Boom Sauce Recipe (Delicious Copycat)

Crafty Crab Boom Sauce Recipe (Delicious Copycat)

If you love seafood, you’ll love this Crafty Crab Boom Sauce Recipe! It’s perfect for crab lovers, and it’s bursting with flavor. You’ll be able to make restaurant-quality seafood dishes right at home. So get ready to enjoy some delicious seafood recipes!

It’s no secret that seafood is a huge part of the Maryland culinary scene. We know how to do seafood right from Old Bay seasoning to soft-shell crabs! This crab boom sauce recipe is the perfect example of our delicious coastal cuisine.

Try it out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

What is the Crafty Crab Boom sauce?

Crafty Crab Boom sauce

The Crafty Crab Boom sauce is a popular condiment that originated in the Caribbean. It is made from a mixture of chili peppers, vinegar, and spices and has a fiery, salty flavor that goes well with seafood.

The sauce is traditionally used as a dipping sauce for crab, but it can also be used on other seafood dishes or as a spicy addition to grilled meats. 

While the exact recipe for the sauce is a closely-guarded secret, several companies have created versions of the sauce that are available in stores.

Whether you enjoy the milder taste of store-bought boom sauce or prefer to make your own at home, one thing is for sure: the Crafty Crab Boom sauce is sure to add some spice to your next meal!

Can I make this sauce at home?

Yes, you can make a copycat version of the sauce at home with this recipe! You can use it as a dipping sauce for crab or other seafood dishes or even as a spicy addition to grilled meats. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to make. So give it a try and see what you think!

How long does it take to make this recipe?

This recipe only takes a few minutes to make. Simply whisk all of the ingredients together, and you’re done! How easy is that?

Crafty Crab Boom Sauce Recipe (Delicious Copycat)

Crafty Crab Boom Sauce (Copycat)

If you love the taste of Boom Sauce from The Crafty Crab restaurant, you'll love this copycat recipe! This sauce is perfect for dipping, pouring over seafood, or even using as a salad dressing. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to make.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 6 Servings


  • 1/2 cup Mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup Ketchup
  • 1 tbsp Old Bay seasoning
  • 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 teaspoon Hot sauce
  • 1/4 teaspoon Garlic powder


  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl and whisk until smooth.
  • Serve immediately or store in the fridge for up to a week.
  • Enjoy!


Note: If you find the sauce too thick, simply add a little more ketchup or hot sauce to thin it out. Enjoy!
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Is this sauce spicy?

Thanks to the hot sauce, this sauce has a bit of a kick to it. However, you can always adjust the amount of hot sauce to suit your taste. If you like things extra spicy, feel free to add more hot sauce to the recipe. Or, if you prefer a milder sauce, you can leave out the hot sauce altogether.

Will this sauce taste like the original?

Yes, this sauce tastes just like the original Crafty Crab Boom Sauce. So if you’re a fan of the restaurant, you’ll love this recipe! However, this sauce is similar in flavor and should be a close approximation.

Can I add or replace some ingredients?

Yes, you can add or replace some of the ingredients in this recipe.

For example, if you don’t have Old Bay seasoning, you can use another type of seafood seasoning. Or, if you don’t have Worcestershire sauce, you can use soy sauce instead. Get creative and make this recipe your own!

We hope you enjoy this Crafty Crab Boom Sauce Recipe!

Can I make this sauce ahead of time?

Yes, you can make this sauce ahead of time. Simply whisk all ingredients together and store them in the fridge for up to a week.

Tips and tricks for a better recipe

Fresh ketchup for the sauce

First of all, use fresh mayonnaise for the best flavor.

  1. Add a little more Old Bay seasoning to taste.
  2. Use your favorite hot sauce to customize the heat level.
  3. Use fresh garlic for a more intense flavor.
  4. Add a splash of lemon juice for brightness.
  5. Stir in some chopped fresh herbs for an herbal kick.
  6. Substitute Greek yogurt for mayonnaise to lighten up the sauce.
  7. For a bit of texture, stir in chopped pickles or capers.
  8. Make it spicier by adding more hot sauce or a pinch of cayenne pepper.
  9. Stir in some horseradish for a zippy flavor boost.
  10. Thicken the sauce with some cornstarch or flour if it’s too thin for your liking.
  11. Make it creamier by stirring in some sour cream or cream cheese.
  12. For a smoky flavor, stir in some smoked paprika.
  13. To make a sweeter sauce, add a touch of honey or brown sugar.

And finally, give the sauce an Asian twist by adding a tablespoon of hoisin sauce.

Things to use with this sauce

Using the sauce in burgers

First of all, use it as a dipping sauce for fried foods like chicken, shrimp, or French fries.

  • Add it to burgers, sandwiches, or wraps for an extra zesty kick.
  • Stir it into your favorite pasta dish for a quick and easy sauce.
  • Use it as a marinade for chicken, pork, or seafood before cooking.
  • Baste it on grilled meats or vegetables for extra flavor.
  • Drizzle it over salads or use it as a dressing.
  • Mix it into potato salad, coleslaw, or other cold salads for added flavor.
  • Use it as a pizza sauce or add it to your favorite toppings.
  • Add it to eggs, omelets, or quiches for a zesty breakfast.
  • Stir it into soups or stews for extra flavor.
  • Mix it with cream cheese for a quick and easy dip.
  • Use it as a sauce for tacos, burritos, or enchiladas.
  • Pour it over nachos for the ultimate snack.
  • Drizzle it over ice cream or fruit for a sweet and spicy treat.
  • Use it as a glaze for ham, pork, or chicken.

Baste it on corn on the cob or grilled vegetables and stir it into yogurt or oatmeal for a quick and easy snack.

How long does this sauce last?

This sauce will last for up to a week when stored in the fridge. So feel free to make a batch ahead of time and enjoy it all week long!

Can you store this sauce recipe? 

Yes, in the fridge for up to a week.

This is a great sauce recipe for crab cakes, fish, or shrimp! The old bay seasoning gives it a nice kick of flavor, and the hot sauce adds a bit of heat. If you don’t like things too spicy, you can always omit the hot sauce.

Things to take care of while storing this recipe:

  • Make sure all ingredients are fresh before combining.
  • Whisk until smooth to avoid clumps.
  • Store in the fridge for up to a week in an airtight container.

What should I do with leftovers?

Leftover sauce can be stored in the fridge for up to a week. Simply re-whisk the sauce before using it again.

Final Words

This copycat recipe for Crafty Crab Boom Sauce is the perfect way to enjoy the restaurant-favorite sauce at home. It’s easy to make and can be customized to your liking. So give it a try and see what you think! Thanks for reading!

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